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An Uncanny Object

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Ann Arbor has had something of a sensation since Tuesday evening when John E. Kranich, a cigar maker living at 15 Pontiac st. and employed in C. F. Kayser's cigar factory admitted to Marshal Sweet, who had received a previous hint from a friend of Mr. Kranich, that he bad some time ia April, while spearing fish in the river near Geddes, come acros9 the body of a woman lying at the bottom of the river in a few f eet of water. He said that the body had on a pink dress and that one leg was cramped at the knee. On sttiking the object with his spear it moved back again to its original poaition. By this time both Kranich and his companion had becoaie thoroughly disturbed at the sight which was revealed nnder the rays of the jack-lantern with which they were flshiDg, and the Iatt9r, a young boy, tbreatened to jninp froni the boat if any attempt should be made to obtain a closer acqaaintance with the mystery of the pond. The two fishermeu tben hastened away and determined to keep the matter dark. Marshal Sweet, acoompanied by Offloer Reuben Ariubruater and Mr. Kranioh went to tbe point in the river where Mr. Kranioh said be had seen the body, on Tnesday, and made a search for it, bnt the roily condition of the water prevented thero from seeiag the bottorn of the river whioh is quite deep at that point. Some young ladies who live on a farm in the neighborhood say that they saw an object in tbe water near tbe river bank, which one of them thougbt was a dead sheep, although they did not care to investígate the matter fortber. The point at which tbey saw the object was some distance above the place pointed out by Kranich and it also was searched. , Mr. Kranich is a steady, reliable rnan, and is one wborn Marshal Swett thinks would not stir up such a matter unless there was something in it, and is of the opinion that he kept the matter quiet so long through fear that suob a discovery would get him into trouble. Last night Marshal Sweet, Patrolman Armbruster, J. E. Kranich and Will Kopp, the lad who was with Kranich when the supposed body was 3een, and a Detroit Tribune correspcndent, went to the place, to make fnrther investigations. The boys had no trouble in locating the spot and rowing to it the party conld see by the gasoline hght something whioh looked like flesh and bone3. A fisb spear thrnst into the mas? brought np a quantity of fatty, flesby animal substance. Several pounds of the matter came up, but it was late at night and the party conld not teil whether the remains were human or not. A sickening smell arose from the matter. Pour members of the party caught a whiff of it, and all beearue sick at oncö. A tborough iuvestigation will be marie today and whether the substance s part of a human body or that of a rute will be determined.