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The departoiBDt of Michigan W. R. C. excursión to Detroit and Port Huron oq Tnesday, Aug. 3, will be one of the fiuest trips that will be offered to the public tbis year. With a fare of 90 cents to Detroit and $1.40 to Port Horou froui Ann Arbor it will also be remarkably cfaeap. A conference of roen and woiuen interested in the great social, hygienic, and philanthropic qnestions pertaining to the welfare of human society will be held at Battle Creek, Oct. 12-17, 1897, when papers and addresses will be held by prominent philanthropists and educators with the hope of evolving sorne practical methods of reform. A snmiBons has beeu issued out of tbe circuit court in the case oí William Pankey va. The M. C. R. R. Tbe suit is for damages for the death of complainaut's son Daniel Paokeyin October of last year, whicb was cansed by the lad falling off a passenger train as he aud some companious were jumping on and off it as it moved through the Michigan Central yard. The supervisors of sorue of the townsbips np iu Midland oounty have discovered some diseases new to the medical profession, and in their health reports the following are some of the causes of deaths last year: "Callary infantum," "deoliue after measles, " "hoopingcough," "newmonia," "tabncal coDSumption," " phantem," and 'spiuel."- Ex. James Steffe, of Northfield, met with a daugerons accident Monday moruiug whicb migbt have been more serions than it was. He filled nis pipe with tobáceo and Jit it not noticiag a 22 calibre cartridge that had by some means got into the pipe. Au explosión followed and Mr. Steffe's eyes vpfire filled with tobáceo and smoke, otherwise he was unhurt. It was a narrow aad luoky escane A renuiou of the Modem Woodmen of America will be held at Eagle Point, Clark's Lake, on Friday, Ang. 20. It is the intention to inake it a uoteworthy oooasiüD. Lodges in sonthern Michigan will send full or large representations and a orowd of at least 2,000 is expected to particípate in the celebratiou. There will be a fine list of sports and a successful day is predioted. Hoi, Bmory Townsend, of Saginaw, will be orator of the day. JMcClure's Magazine for August wil] be a special ïnidsummerfiction number, witb a complete novelette (a story of England aud India) by Rudyard Kipling, chapters of a novel by Robert Loms Stevenson, and short stories by A. Conan Doyle, Robert 'Barr, John Kendrick Bangs, and otbers. It will be nchly iünstrated, th frontispiece being from a drawing made expressly for the magazine by Bontet de Monvel, the distinguished French illustrator. A correspondent to the Times oomplaÍDa of the dangerous practice of killing sparrows hy means of poiaoned grain and states that not only are the pugnaoious little Engliehmen destroyed but domestic song birds also. The correspondent demands that the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals step and interfere in the matter as cats and other household pets have fallen victims to arsenical poisoning caused by eating these poisoned birds. Mrs. Sarah A. Palmer died at her home 109 N. Main st., Thursday evening of last week, aged 57 years and 8 months. Her husband George W. Palmer died only a few weeks ago and the surviving members of the family have the sympathy of many friends in their double bereavement. The funeral services were held at the house Sunday afternoon Rev. J. T. Sunderland officiating. The remains were interred beside those of her husband in the Fifth ward cemetery. The U. of Al. Alumni Association of Macorub county banqaeted at the Americau hotel, Romeo, on Thursday evening, July 16. About 40 members aud their friends were present and greatly enjoyed tbe program of toasts aud responses, interspersed the inusio. The uewly elected offloers are: President, Dwight N. Lowell, Romeo; vice president, Mrs. Decker, Mt. Ulemens; seoretary, Robert Eldredge, Mt. Cleruens. The meeting nest year will be beid at Mt. Clemens. The permission heretofore granted to AJack & Co. to extend their sbow window over the sidewalk was rescicded by the council on Monday night. On Wednesday Mayor Hiscock vetoed the council's aotion ou the ground of irregnlarities in the council's proceediiigs, since the sidewalk oomruittee alone recoirimended that snch permission be granted, wbile the matter had been referred to a joint committee cousistiug of the sidewalk committee, the ordinance committee and the city attomey. There is trouble between the Anu Arbor Railway Co. and the common counoil over the building of a side walk on First st. in the second ward. The coancil bas ordered one to be built for the convenienoe of thu resideuts of that qnarter but the ootnpany does uot want to build it, claiming that it is a oonvenience to snippers as well as to the railway coxupany not to have the side of tbe street on which it is proposed to build the walk used by pedestrians. The matter was finally laid over until nest week. A suit bronght by J. L. Skinner, of this city, to recover $168 nomrnissioa dnes which hu claims are owed to him by G. A. Watkins, state agent of the Penn. Insnrance Co., for having assisted him in getting ai 10, 000 policy to write on the life of Joseph T. Davies, a student in the medical departrnent of the university, was on trial in Jostice Pond's court Tnesday and Wednesday. The attorneys on both eides of tbe case made things quite warm in the court room while the trial was in progress. Justice Pond has not yet rendared his decisión in the case.