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It Is Complicated

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The main topic of conversation among school teachers particularly and the public generally for the past few days bas been the complications that have arisen iu the board of school examiuers of Washtenaw conuty, and it is all over who is or shall be school comrnissioner. On May 4 W. W. Wedemeyer, who had been appointed deputy railroad comrnissioner by Gov. Pingree, resigned the office of county school comrnissioner which he then held, and as it lacked two luontbs of the time when the newly elected commissioner could take the office an election of a commissioner to fill out the unexpired teiru becarue necessary. It has been cnstomary when such a state of things occurs to elect to the vaoancy the pp.rson who bas been elected to the commissionership, bnt for some unexplained reason - there aie those who say tbat it was dne to his nnpopnlairty even among the members of his own party - Mr. Lister failed of election and Martin J. Cavanaugh, who filled tbe office most acceptably to everybody before Mr. Wedemeyer bad it, was ohosen to fill the vacancy. He never songht the office and did not want it. He was satisfied with bis position as one of the board of school examiners. Bnt when a nnmber of 'the school inspectors came to him and solicited him to let his name be uaed he finally consanted and the resnit was he waa elected. Tbis was, of course, a matter of great chagrín to Mr. Lister and he took the first opportunity he could get to have a slap at Mr. Cavanaugh. As soon as he had, as he snpposed, entered upuu his term of office a's school commissioner he began making inquiries which resulted in his couclnding to his own satisfaction that Mr. Cavanaugh by having accepted the comtnissiooership for two tnouths had forfeited iii position as school examiner. A letter was written to Attorney General Maynard and that gentleman gave it as his opinión that snob was the case. Mr. Lister at once called Walter A. Danoer, the other school examiner. and Jndge of Probate Newkirk, who by law is one of the board to fill a vaoancy, together and pruceeded to choose a man to the position. The meeting was held Mouday and resulted in the ohoice of D. W. Springer, of Aun Arbor. The board of school esaminers wonld thus stand W. N. Lister, comniissioner, Walter A. Dancer and W. Springer, examiners. All this was done unknown to Mr. Cavanangb and he would never have known that sucb an eleotion was in contemplation had be not been informed by the jndge of probate. The next chapter in the ooniplication was the discovery that although offlcially declared [elected April 16 and so notified by the board of canvassrs Mr. Lister did not qualify for the offloe of school commissioner until May 4, eighteen days after he was deolared elected. The law says that a person elected to office must qnalify in 10 days or his eleotion is void, cousequently Mr. Lister by his failure to qualify forfeited his election and is not the legal school commissioner of Washtenaw oonnty. The commissioner according to law is M. J. Cavanangh wbo holds office until bis snocessor shall be elected. Acting under these premises Mr. Cavanaugh called the jndge of probate and Walter A. Danoer together to elect an examiner to fill the position vacated by him when he was elected corumissioner to sncced Mr. Wedemeyer. Tbe judge of probate was not present bnt the otber two gentlemen, as a majority of the board thus constituted, chose C. M. Fuller, of York, to fill the vacancy. This boaid would thns stand M. J. Cavanangh commissioDer, Walter A. Dancer and C. M. Fuller examiners. Mr. Cavanangh has no desire to be sohool oommissioner, all reports and assertions to the contrary notwithstanding, and would uever have laid any claims to the office, although be is through Mr. Lister's not having qnalifled in time, the legal holder of it, had it not been for Mr. Listei's areat desire to do bjm up. Bat the figbt baving been forced on bim by Mr. Lister's aotion he will defend his position to the last even to the point of carrying it up through the conrts and having it thus settled.


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