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The following artiole taken from the Detroit Eveuing Journal of Wednesday, oontainiDg as it does a reiteration of the rumora that have beeu afloat in Ann Arbor since the time when Dr. Angelí was granted bis year'i leave of absence by the board of regents, will be read with surprise and pain by the many friends of the dootor in Ann Arbor. Surprise to think that such a thing as his resignation is contemplated and pain to think that it may happen. It is Dr. Angell's able polioy and flrro government that bas made the U. of M. what it is and the friends of the tution wonld be sorry to see him loose his hands from the reins: "The Journal is informed by persons olosely in touch with the board of regents of the university that that body does not espeot Dr. Angelí ever again to resume the duties of president over the institution whose reins he has held for 2(5 years. "When Dr. Angelí was appointed minister to Turkey he asked for and was given a year's leave of absence by the board, saying ip public that it might be he would be able to return from Constantinople at the end of that time. It has come to be generally believed now atnougbis friends, however, that Dr. Angelí will remain away from this country tbe full fonr years and moreover will, nest June, send iu his resignation as president, to the governing board of the institution. It is further stated that in this view they ahve taken of Dr. Augell's absence the regents have talked ainong themselves regardiug Dr. Angell's successor should their opinión in the matter of Dr. Angells' resignation, become an established fact. Ie is said the board has its eye on two men, both of 'whorn are splaudidly fitted to take up the reins of the university governmeat. One of these men is Harry B. Hutchins, the present acting president, and the other Andrew Ij. Draper, president of the University of Illinois, who, it will be remembered, delivered the startling address at the recent eommencement of the Michigan institution. "It is held by many of his nearest friends aruong facnlty members that Dr. Angelí has left the government of the institution for good and all and for reasons that on the face at least, are most plausible. "Dr. Angelí has been in the service cf the University of Miohigan for 26 years. He has seen it grow from a small village to one óf the great institntions of America, in fact, he, more than any other man, bas been instrumental in the building up of the school. His best years have been devoted to its - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - m - - rw w - - -w w ■ - - ' management and bow that he has become an oíd man, his friends think he will retire from the active governrnent and rest upon the huiréis he has wou, as the 'best college president in America,' as Charles Kendall Adams has often oalled him. Up to last Jone, Acting President Hutchins had oot been the possessor of a piesident's degree, that of LL. D. , now he raav write those marks of distingnishment after his name. The honorary and highest degree within the gift of any American college was conferred upon him in Jnne by bis old friend, President Adams of the University of Wisoonsin. "In speaking recenUy of the probability of Dr. Angell's never again assuming the doties of president of Michigan University, a prominent faculty meraber said: 'Very few of ns think that Dr. Angelí will return and take up again the presidency. Our ' reason tor taking this view is founded upon our knowledge of the man. Dr. Angelí is now TO years of age and for a quartet of a centnry bas directed the nniversity away from the rooks and down the center of the stream. He is now, and logically when'his age is considered, at the pinnacle. fie has built up the university as high, possibly, as jt oan be built up. Hereafter it will either go backwards or run along the grooves Dr. Angelí constructed for it. In my opinión, and it is sbared by many others, Dr. Angelí does not feel physically equal to the carrying on furtherof the load he has borne so long. Moreover if in the office he could never stand it to see tbat his 'baby' as he calis the college, were going backwards or even standing still. He feels that now is the time for the youag man to step into the place and carry along the institution as he would have cariied it. In other vvords thfi president would never allow the uuiversity to be called out-of-date so long as he were at its head and he does not feel that he is able to continue longer in that capacity. In resigning uext June, as I feel snre he will, Dr. Angelí will only again show his careful forethought. ' "When asked who in all likelihood would beappointed Dr. Augell's snocessoc should tbe former resigu bis post, the speaker said : 'No one knows-what the regeuts would do. I thiuk, however, if his work proves satisfactory this year, the presidency will be tendered Acting President Hntchins. However this may not be doue. There is a possibility that President Draper may be the man. ' "


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