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How To Examine A Watch

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ïo one who has never studied the, mechanisin uf a watch, ita mainspring or the balance wheel is a mere piece of metal. He rnay have looked at the face of the watch, and while he admires the motions of its hands and the time it keeps he may have woudered in idle amazement as to the character of the machinery which is concealed within. Take it to pieces and show him each part separately and he wili recognize neither design nor adaptation nor relation between them, but put them together, set them to work, point out the offices of each spring, wheel and cog, explain their movements, and tbeu show him the result. Now he perceives that it is all one design - that notwithstanding the numberof parts, their diverse forma and varióos offices, and the agents concerned, the whole piece is of one thought, the expression of one idea. He now rightly coucludes that when the mainspring was fashioned and tempered its relation to all the other parts must have been considered; that the cogs on this wheel are cut and regnlated - adapted - to the ratchets on that, etc, and his final conclusión will be that such a piece of mechanism could not have been produced by chance, for the adaptation of the parts is such as to show it to be according to design and obedient to the will of one intellisence.


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