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Strikers Are Gaining

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Pittsburg, Aug. 3.- The strikers are slowly winning their points about the De Armit mines. They have already practically closed the Sandy Creek and Oak Hill mines and the Plum Creek miners are coming out in small bodies. The marchers claim they have succeeded in inducing those of the miners who live at Coalport, where the Plum Creek tipple is located, in joining the ranks. This reduces the number of men in the mine by fifty. The Plum Creek miners living at Center, near the pit mouth, entered the mine, some of them in the usual way, and others throughan epening that was not guarded. There are 350 men near the mine and as soon as possible a large tent will be procured for them to sleep in, They have a brass band and Tuesday morning their larder was added to by a wagon load of provisions. The success of' the campers in bringing out the Coalport miners brightened the spirits ol the men and made them more positive of victory. Burround the Mouth of the Mine. At 4 a. m. they left camp and went to the main entrance of the mine, leaving the center pit mouth unguarded, through which most of the diggers at work passed. It being impossible to induce the men to come to the meetings the campers had a committee to cali at the houses of the miners to talk over the situation with the families. Good results are expected by the committee and a statement was made that in three days Plum Creek mine would be idle. The miners in camp near Sandy Creek began the march at 3:30 a. m. and took jsosition near the pit mouth. They were elated by seeing only three men go in. They could not teil, however, whether they were diggers or day men. No matter what they are, the strikers point out the fact that the men can dig but little cöal. No Soarclty' of Provisión. The Turtle Creek campers, numbering 2,000, divided into two bodies at i a. m. One party stopped at New Town and the other continued up the road till they carne to the pit mouth. They remained until 6 o'clock, when, being satisfied that but a few men entered the mine, they returned to camp, where a breakfast was waiting. There is no scarcity of provisions. Liberal donations are being continuously received. Turtle Creek merchants are doing all they can to feed the men, but to satisfy the hunger of 2,000 men is not an easy task. Will Thln Out til e Campers. The leaders are eonsidering the questlon of thinning out the camp, so it will not be a burden to their sympathizers. The men were pleasaritly surprised about 9 o'clock Tuesday morning when a dozen women, half of them with their children, walked into camp. They are the wives of miners, and they said they had come to stay as long as their husbands and brothers were there and would cook. They were given three cheers. They had read in the papers that the men were footsore and tired and Monday night held a meeting at Willow Creek. They raised money enough to buy transportation and more will follow. Hold a Praise Meeting. In the evening a united praise. and prayer meeting was held in the gospel tent at Turtle Creek. Father Cummings presided and all the miners of the various denomlnations in Turtle Creek took part in the services. Attorney Iboch of Hammond, Ind., who defended Debs in the contempt proceedings, is in Pittsburg for the puropse, it is thought, of conducting President Dolan's case, which carne up for hearing.


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