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The Ann Arbor Argus notes that 'Jams P. Dickinson, who owns a farm jear the Peninsular paper milis at Ypiilanti, waB bitten in the leg by a ?ioions dog one day last week. The wound is a large one, shaped like a aore ehoe. " This of oonise means good [nok. A novel shirt stnd is being worn by ane of our yotiths, which consists of a live pinoh bng, fastened witb a bit of black thread to his shirt front. - Chelsea Standard. How deeply must the pinob-bug feel the disgraoe of oriiamenting the shirt front of suoh a fooi. The city clerk of Ann Arbor notices the hot weather, and has refused to ennmerate'sparrow heads, till tbere is an alteration in the temperature. On tbe occasion of his last count a Lazarine odor of snch robust self reliance smote tbe atmosphere that his nose was in great indignation, and be inimediately arranged an armistice. Mr. Speeohly, of Ann Arbor, Snnday week, repoBed in a hammock, soothed by the seductive zephyr that swayed the air couoh to and fro, and sang a lullaby as it gently kissed bis eyelids down. Presently one of the hammock posts gave way and knocked Speechly speecbless. We never know very far ahead what sndden changes of the program providence bas in store for ns. .lames Steffe, of Northfield, loaded bis pipe tbe other day and the light of calm satisfaction shone in his eye as he blew the blue rings upward in tbe air. Presently tbere was a sonnd like the Fonrth of Jaly, and all that was left of Steffe's pipe was an inoh of the tail, which his astonished jaws refused to yield. Then he discovered tthat he had loaded his gcd with tobacoo, mixed with a 32 caliber cartridge. Dogs are property, they say. Yes, and in some plaoes skunks are, also. - Ann Arbor Conrier. Trne, to say nothing of the properties of the animáis themselvas. Not very far from the "maddened" crowd at Ann Arbor there is a skunk farm in fnll redolence. The animáis are bred as fur beareis. Many people fur-bear to ge near, but those who do go, and witnesi the playfulness of the little striped animals, understand and appreciate th remark: "Happy as a skunk. "


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