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Our farmers will be blessed with good co...

Our farmers will be blessed with good co... image
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Our farmers will be blessed with good corps. Corn in this section bas had a won derfol development in the past few weeks, considering what a late start ii got. If the gold yield in Alaska oomes up to the expectation of the enthusiasts, onr financial qnestion is settled for the time being. The receipts of the Ann Arbor post office dnring Jnly were exactly $40 less than they were for Jnly of last year. Is this dne to the Dingley bill? Not a Foraker man was allowed to get on the Ohio republioan state central committee. Hanna, who is gifted with a long head, does not propose to trust them. The shortage in the. wheat orop of Enrope, estimated at 100,000,000 bnshels more tban last year will do mnch more for the American farmnr than four years of McKinleyism and Dingleyism. The Tartars take a man by the ear to invite bim to eat or drink with them. How many of ourrepublican friends aie waiting to be taken by the ear and walked np to the patronage trough to partake of the pnblio pap? The reports of the internal revenne office show a decrease in the consumption of whiskey, beer and cigars in this country in the past year and an increase in smoking tobáceo. This shows one effect of the hard times, and not a bad effect either. Is it not about time that the oonncil took some steps towards preparing that bioyole ordinance whioh the public are dernanding? The safety of the general pnblic demands that bioycles oarry lights at night. The safety of the bicyclists themselves deraand it. The wheelmen themselves favor a proper ordinance. Let the oouncil awake to the demand.


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