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Sicilian Love Charms

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The love chanus of Sicily are many and curious. One, very popular and considered very powerful, is to put into an eggshell a few drops of the blood of the longing lover. The shell is exposed to the sun for three days and to the dew for three nights. It is then placed on hot ashes until calcined, when the whole is reduced to a fine powder and administered secretly in a cup of uoffee or a glass of wiue to the object of aflection. Another charna is for the Witch to undress at midnight and tie her clothes up in a bundle which she places on her head. Then, kneeling in the center of her room, she pronounces an incantation, at the end of which she shakes her head. If the bundle falls in front of her, it is a good sign; should it fall behind her the charni will not avail. Yet another is Nvorked in the following manner: Pieces of green, red and white ribbon are purchased in three different shops, the name of the persons to be charmed being repeated', mentally, each time. The shopkeeper must be paid with the left hand, the ribbon being received in the right. When all the pieces are bonght, they are taken to a -witch, "who sets out to find the person to be charmed. Ou finding him, or her, the witch muiters to herself, "With these ribbons 1 bind yon to such a one. " Then she returns the ribbons to the purchaser, who ties them beneath bis or her left knee


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