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If what the preachers seek to prove, j Is really, truly so, We'llfind St. Peter up above, ( Salt-Peter down below.- Ex. ( Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Harpst, , of Packard st, a lO pound boy. I W. E. Hofiman has opened up a saloon in the Arlington block on Fourth ave. The bridge over the Michigan Central ; tracks on Detroit st. is closed for repairs. , Hutzel & (Jo. will put in the W. erty st. sewer. The work will amount to l,800. Zion Lutheran church choir attended a mission feast at the Bridgewater church, Sunday. The Y. M. C. A. oleared $125 from their recent excursion, which will go towards equipping the gymnasium. The three years old daughter of Jacob Aprill, of Scio, died Friday and the funeral was held Monday. Interment in the Salem cemetery. The city treasurer's office will be open all day Monday, Aug. 1G, for the receipt of taxes, as the 15th, which was the limit, falls on Sunday. Mrs. Seymour Coombs, of Augusta, who was brought to the jail Thursday of last week, violently insane, was taken to the Traverse City insane asylum Monday. Mrs. F. W. Kelsey has presented the Y. W. C. A. with some handsome decorated table ware, and now the young women want a cupboard to place them in. The Royal Neighbors gave a lawn social at the residence of E. Sears, 95 S. Main st., Saturday evening, the music for which was furnished by Beoker's Military Band. Thirty members of the Christian Endeavor Society of the Church of Christ had a pleasant lawn social at the home of Miss Maude Selleck, on Twelfth st., Friday evening. S. V. Breed will address the men's meeting at the Y. M. C. A. rooms next Sunday afternoon at 2:45. His subject will be, "What Makes Life Worth Living. " All men are cordially invited to attend. Beoker's Military Band has elected the following officers for the ensuing three months : President, Mr. Perkins vice president, Ed. Jones; secretary and treasurer, E. J. Burdiok ; business manager, Joe Jacobns. John C. Burns, who formerly clerked for W. H. Mclntyre, has gone in business for himself and has purchased W L. Bunting's stock of groceries at No 9 N. Main st. He would be pleased to meet his old friends and many new one now that he is in business for himself Charlee F. Stabler is building a cottage on Base Lake. Airs. Mary Oswald, of Ann Arbor, has been granted a widow's pension. Mrs. Ida B. Lambkin, of Ypsilanti, has been granted a widow's pension. J. F. Schuh sent two wagon loads of mantels, grates and gas fixtures to Ypsilanti last week. A Modern Wpodmen excursion will be rnn to Jacks ju, Friday, August 20. Fare for the round trip 85 cents. A state teachers' examination was leid at the state capítol, Lansing, this week. Twenty-five candidates being examined for life certificates. Advices to the morning papers from ?lint state that Judge Cooley's condiion is much improved, but that those n charge of Mm ar9 adverse to publicty. The Milan Leader suggests a bicycle path from that village to Ypsilanti to connect with the Ypsi-Ann and Whitmore Lake paths. It is a good thing. String 'em along. The Christian Endeavor Society of the Ypsilanti Presbyterian church hold a San Francisco convention rally this evening and have invited the young people of this city to attend it. The Gilt Edge Band has elected the following officers: President, Eugene Kurtz; vice president, Will Schneider; seoretary, Fred Schuier; treasurer, Gustave Nowak; business manager and leader, Bert Smóck. , -At the meeting of the representativos of the daily couct journals held in lndianapolis last week Guy B. Thompson, of the Detroit Legal News, was elected vice president of the Court Press Assooiation. Guy is a son of Prof. B. JVL Thompson. While engaged in wiring the rooms' n the south wing of the university one iay last week a student workman iaused some confusion by falling ;hrongh a aection of flooring which had aeen removed and also through the ceiling beneath it. Messrs. Belser, üengler and TurnBull are bragging over the catoh of peroh which they made at Cedar Lake Monday afternoon. The number was 106, and they were all beauties. - Chelsea Standard. The two firsfc named are t'ïed Belser and George J Dengler, of Ann Arbor. At the 15th annual meeting of the state pharmaceutical assnoiation held at Qrand Ledge, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week, H. J. Brown, of this city responded to the addrass of welcome. The meeting was one of the most interesting ever held by the association. Chas. Bomen, the Ann Arbor man who tried to "do" several Petoskey citizens with a forged note last week, was genteneed by Judge Adams Wednesday. He was given three years at Jackeon nd was taken there yesterday afternoon jy Sheriff J. Smith -Petoskey Reorter, July 30. The Michigan state base ball league s simmering down in numbers. Only our clubs will finish the season, thóse of Saginaw, Bay City, Flint and Port Hnron. Jackson and Lansing will be dropped because they failed to keep their schedules and also failed to fulfil other obligations. Jim Tioe, of Arm Arbor, attracted a big crowd at the Congress st. bridge, Ypsilanti, Monday evening by the announcement that he would dive (not jump) into the Huron river at that point. He made a beautiful plunge and came out none the worse for accomplishing the feat. - Times. F. J. Johnson, of Ypsilanti, was elected deputy district grand master o che Michigan United Order of Oddfellows (colored) at the fifth annual session held in Flint Tuesday. The orde has a roembership in Michigan of 850 and is in a prosperous oondition accord ing to the repotts. Detroit wiH beth next place of meeting. A perfeotly valid excuse was given by a gentleman to his employer the othe day, for not coming to work. He sen his little girl to the store who said in effect: "If you please, Mr. , my papa has just got baok from his week's rest out to the lakes, and is so tired out that he can't come to work today." The proprietor having been to tbe lakes bimself, once on a time, and being a man of sympathetic nature, acoepted the excuse as being a good one, and let the vaoationist off.- Courier. NEAT AND COMPACT. When summertime was ended, and Sbe packed her trunks again, It took two heavy bagxage trucks To haul them to the train. But when she found her bathing suit Still hanfting on a nail She put it in an envelope And sent it home by mail. -New York Evening Journal. Tbe young tuen of the Betblehein ohurch will give a lawn social at Fritz's grove, on W. Liberty st, Friday evening next, Aag. 13, for the benefit of the churoh. Everybody is invited. A social will be held in St. Thomas' school this evening, whioh everyone is invited to attend and get acqnamted with the new assistant priest of St. Thomas' church, Rev. Fr. Dooling. Two open air preachers held the fort at the corner of Main and Washington ats. Saturday nignt and drew an even bigger crowd than the Salvation Army or Railroad Jack. One man talked for 40 minutes. The Hangsterfer blook on S. Máin st., now owned by J. D. Ryan, will soon wear a different look altogether. lts owaer is having it painted white and with the removal of the old gallery whioh formerly giaced the front of the building it will make a great change in its appearance. Selma Karnzish, wbo opened letters belonging to a traveling man and who was reprimanded by Judge Swan and told to go to Dundee, refnsed to go to her parents' home until the marshal told her she must. She said that the judge made her promise to stayin, Pundee, but she took his command too literally. The meeting called by Mayor Hiscock to consider the proposition of some Toledo parties to establish a glassware works ia this city was so slimly attended Friday night that it was' adjourned for a month. In the meantime special oommittee of H, J. Brown, J. ! Schub and M. Seabolt will look nto the matter. The choir boys of St. Andrew's church have been at Whitmore Lake ince Monday morning, under the care f Prof. R. H. Kempf, and are putting n such a time as only healthy bappy boyhood brings in the way of innoent fnn and amusement. They ocouly a cottage in Wiedemann's grove. ?hey will ïeturn home tomorrow vening. The amendments to the constitntion of the Macoabees provides that the ates for members over 51 years of age shall be: Between the ages 51 and 52, or $500, 80o. ; $1,000, $1.60; $2,000, 53.20; $3 000, $4.80. Between the ages of 52 and 53, for $500, 90c. ; $.1,000, $1.80; $2,000, $2.60; $3,000, jö.40. Between 53 and 64, for $500, 51; $1,000, $2; $2,000, $4; $3,000, $6. 3etween 54 and 55, for $500, $1.10; $1,000, $2.20; $2,000; $4.40; $3,000, f6.60. The American Association for the Advancement of Science, will hold its sessions in Detroit during the weefc of Aug. 9. The foremost soientifio men of the United States will be there, and in addition inany of Europe's roost celebrated scientists will be present. Scientists of Ann Arbor who will be there are Prof. W. W. Beman, vice president of matheruatics and astronomy ; Prof. Asaph Hall, jr., general secretary ; Prof. P, C. Freer, chemistry; Prof. F. C. Nwoomb, botany. The old ohestnut, Railroad Jack, ( was in town Tuesday afternoon and , dressed a crowd in the evening. We don't think his sentiments healthy for young boys to hear or his exaruple good for theni to imítate. - Milán Leader. We are "wid" you, Bro. Stnith, in that opinión. No good results oan possibly oome to young boys fro:n listening to the nnbealthy sentiments of a man who loafs his entire time away and steals his passage forro oue place to another. His "feelosophy" is not of the right sort. Luonllns Lodge, No. 5, K. of P., and the Second Baptist chniob of this city will give a full dress dinner party and concert, Thursday evening, Aug. 27, on an elabórate soale. The opera house, where they intended holding it is being repaired, henee, the entire ohuiob building will be used. Three prizes wil! be given. For the person selling the highest number over 50 tickets, a gold watch ; 2d, silk umbrella; 3d, a lamp. The prizes can be seen in Mack & Oo. 's furniture window. Admission, couple 75c, including supper; 50o single, with supper; S5o to concert only. ' WITH HIS WIFE AWAY. Of all the insidioue Temptations invidious, Contrived by the devil for pulling men down, There Is none more delusive, seductive, abusive, Than the snare to a man wlth his wife out of town. He feels such de-light-fullnesB, Sure-to-get-tight-fullness, 1 own it with pain : A bachelor rakishness, What-will-you-take-ishnees, Next-day'6-headaehe-ishness, None can explam. His wife may be beautiful, Tender and dutiful, 'Tis not that her absence Would cause him delight, But the cursed opportunity, baleiul immunity, Scatter his scruplee as day scatters night. Mr. Joseph Polhemus and Mrs. Belle K. Edson were married Thursday afternoon of last week at the home of the bride's sister Mrs. Barrett, in Chicago. They have gone to housekeeping at the corner of Hill st. and S. University ave. The Fourth of July finance committee is behind in its payments just $35, and the members of it would like to see those who subscribed walk up to the captain 's desk and settle. The books of the cominittee can be seen at Rinsey & Seabolt's store . The heavy storm of Wednesday morning was the heaviest that has occurred in Ypsilanti this year. The downfall was so heavy that the gutters were of no use and the waters rushed down Congress st. to the river in the middle of the roadbed. George Lavere bas again been in trouble over the poor quality of horseflesh that he uses on bis dray. Monday aftetnoon President Goodyear, of the Humane Society, ordered Marshal Sweet to shoot one of Lavere's horses whioh was iu a crippled condition. The offioe of F. E. Mills, secretary and general superintendent of the Washtenaw County Pair will be at 48 S. Main st. , over Wahr & Miller's store, wheie he will be found ready to attend to all business connected with the fair, which promises to be a "hummer. " Jj. J. Lisemer, of Ann Arbor, is ambitious to become the Pooh-Bah of Ann Arbor and in addition to nis three newspaper enterprises, a band and a bicycle path, has obtained a controlling interest in the Anu Arbor opera house, whioh he will manage himself. - Ypsilantian. Pnlly 300 people took in the Bethlehem church excursión to Detroit and Put-in-Bay Wednesday and had a very pleasant trip in spite of the heavy rain whioh feil abouc noou. Those who went to Put-in-Bay had six hours on the island. The excursionists arirved home about 11 o'olock. Rev. J. M. Gelston, of Ann Arbor, preaohed at the Port st. Presbyterian churuh, Detroit, tíuuday moming and evening. His mormug sermón was on "The Patienoe of God," and in the evening he lectured on "An Historical View of Ghristianity froni;Golgotha," suggested by soiae recent disooveries. Germania Lodge, No. 46, D. O. H., has been granted permission by the common counoil to conueot its new building with the main sewer, provided that when a lateral sewer is constructed in the district in which the building ie located that the society will not be exenapt from the payment oí sewer tax in tbac district. Emma, the four years old daughter of Dr. Henry Georg, of Detroit, while at a children's party Thursday evening of last week, was severely burned about the face and hands through her clothing catching fire from a match which had been left lying in the hallway. Her injuries proved fatal the next evening. She was a niece of Dr. Conrad Georg, of this city. A concert and hop will be given at the Clifton house, Whitmore Lake, this evening, during which specialties will be given by the following members of the Ann Arbor Comedy Co. : Frank Ryan, vocalist; Ross Granger. and J. E. Harkins, oomedians; Dean Seabolt and John Kenny, clog danoers. The dance will continue from 9 o'clock to 4. Bill including oaie of horseB,' 75 cents oer couDle : soeotators. 15 cents. A family reunion took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Flynn, of Washtenaw ave. It was the first time in 20 years that such an occasion was possible. Besides the membere of the family resident in the city there were present Mr. and Mrs. A. Flynn, of Mt. Pleasant, Mr. and Mrs. P. Holzhauer, of Dexter, and Mrs. J. Lyman Jones, of Indianapolis, Ind. It was a happy gathering. George Aoocks, a young man from Gridley, Kas., who is making a trip round the worlrt in which he will show the American flag to all nations, passed through Ann Arbor Friday night. He carries the flag wound around his waist. He makes his expenses by selling photograph of himself and flag and speaking before Epworth league societies. He says that he has sold 15,000 photographs since starting out. The object of his long journey is to secure materials for writing a book.