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A Wheelman's Device

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Ingenieus wbeelmen of Nice have put an end to the tribute of lives 'which a hill near that city has been exacting irom them. At the bot torn of thiB declivity, it seetas, there is a sharp turn, theii a bridge with a low parapet, and just beyond a terrible amoaut of nothing at all except scenery. Long ago the Freiich Tonring clcb put a sign advisiiig caution in a couspicuous lace at the top of the descent, but this ciid uot prove sufBcient to overeóme the fatal attraction of the abyss, and wheelinen continued to precipítate themselves into the view - which, by the way, was private property - with a rapidity that threatened in time seriously to diminish the club's annual receipts frora dnes. After long study of the problejns, fiuancial, sesthetic and others, which the case involved, it was decided to suspend just beyond the parapet a strong net neatly woven of steel wires. The very day after it was put in place a bicyclist came coasting wildly down the hill, struck the stone wall, lef t bis wheel - it ■wasn't worth taking any farther - and took a graceful header into the net. For the first time it wasn't necessary for the newspapers of Nice, in giving their regular news from the bridge of Ramingno, to say anything about"a plunge into eternity. " Since then the net has saved an average of fonr lives a week, and so well known have its powers becorae that picnic pnrties from the city, wbich once avoided the bridge as a placo of tragical associations, now resort there daily to watch, from the cool shade of uearby trees, the amusing postures assumed by the wheelmen and wheelwomen when they strike the elastic wires. According to recent information from that región the spectaole is ■well worth seeing.'


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