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Lafayette's Famous Visit

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Jean Fraley Hallowell, who writes in The Ladies' Home Journal of " When Lafayette Rode Into Philadelphia," says that "it is difficult to onderstand at this late day what a furore of excitexnent passed over this cotintry wben Lafayette arrived once more in America. The visit ia a historio event to be remembered while memory endures. During President Monroe's second administration the United. States extended its invitation to Lafayette. He arrived at Staten Islaud on Aug. 15 (Suuday), 1824, accompanied by his son, George Washington Lafayette, and also by his son-in-law. A formal reception took place on the followiug day, the first fruits of the most abundant harvest of welcome which Lafayette was to receive during his year of travel throngh the United States. "Lafayette was 67 years old when he visited America as the nation's guest and carried his years lightly. His head was shaped like that of Burns. He had a high forehead, long, aquiline nose and a rather thin face. His hair was sandy and quite plentifuL His eyes were dark gray, restless and twinkling, his eyebrows light in color, but heavily marked. His mouth was flrm, and bis lips smiled courteously at the holiday crowd assembled to do him honor. The general was not very tal!, but well made. His face was distinctly pleasant, and its expression was an odd mixture of shrewdness, decisión and gay good ïumor. His costume was a swallowailed coat and trousers of dark brown, with a great display of white waistaoat and neckcloth. A bunch of seals huug rom a broad black ribbon at his waist. Over his shoulders hung a cloth riding loak, greenish blue in color aud liuec with red."


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