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Miss Cora Robison is making a waek's stay at Portage Lake. Mrs. John Avery, of Church st. is visiting her brother in Kansas. Ernest Vandewerker is raaking a three week's stay at Whitmore Lake. Walter HUI has been promoted to the position of night norse at the U. of M. hospital. Rev. T. W. Young and faruiy returned home frurn Portage Lake Saturday evening. Airs. Reuben Armbruster and daughter Clara are visiting friends in Pittsfield and Lodi. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Koen are spending their vacation at Detroit and tbe St. Clair flats. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Gasser, of Cleveland, spent Friday in Ann Arbor, calling ou old friends. Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Randall left yesterday for the seashore where they wijl spend a short period of recreation, The engagement is announced of Miss Gertrude Divine and Mr. W. M. Ritter, of West Virginia.- Tirnes. Miss Alma Litohfield aud her nieces Floy Snyder and Ollie Waite have gone to Detroit for a week's visit with friends. Rev. L. P. Goldrick, of Nortbfield, was called to Cleveland, O., the early part of the week by tho illness of his brother. The Misses Gretta and Belle Mullison and Maud Turk are at Eaglè Point, Clark's Lake, where they will spend the monïh. Louis Schaeberle, of Harrisburg, Pa., who has been visiting his parents Prof. and Mrs. J. F. Schaeberle, retornad home Friday. "Boston" Wheeler, of Pittsfield, and Dr. Nichols, of Saline, visited the Lyra Maennerchor camp at Whitmore Lake, Sunday. Mrs. John Lindenschmitt and her sister, Miss Emma Binder, left Friday for Bufïalo, where they will stay until about Sept. 1. Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Hammond and family were called to White Pigeon, - Monday, by the death of Mrs. Hammond's mother. Geo. H. Pond took his little son Kenneth out to Whitmore Lake yesterday to enjoy a day with the St. Andrew's choir boys. Mrs. Carl Baumann, of Dayton, O., who has been visiting relatives in the city left for horue Monday acoompanied by Miss Ella Hutzel. C. Fred Gaass' short poems are attracting quite a little attention. A recent issue of the Boston Transcript contained oue entitled "My Heart." William D. Johnston, for the past three years instructor in the University of Michigan, bas been appointed instractor in English hiptory at Harvard. J. F. Thomas, who has been assistant in the ü. of M. library during the summer, is having a three weeks' vacation at his home in South Bend, Ind. W. C. Hollands and family, VV. J. Miller and family and George E. Apfell left Monday to spend a couple of weeks at the Hollands' oottage, St. Clair flats. Merritt Hawkshurst .ja junior literary student of this city, has bought out Jas. H. Prentiss' sbare in the Michigan Alumnus and will manage the business interests of the paper next year. jnaries c; iene, aerman (j. Stierle, Robert Hutzel, Alfred Schairer, Fred Wuerth, Fred Fischer and Albert Fiegel have been spending the week at the Lake house, Whitmore Lake. J. K. Willcutt, who was severely injured a short time ago, has so far recovered as to be able to get around without crutches. He has gone to Uarnd Ledge to visit his parents. A, C. Schumacher, H. J. Brown, E. E. CaJkins, Prof. A. B. Stevens, and Ottmar Eberbach attended the meeting of the Michigan State Pharmaceutical Association at Grand Ledge this week. Mr. and Mrs. William Lonrim, Mr. and Mrs. Frank J Riley, Mr. and Mrs. John Schumacher and Mrs. Edward Aylward, of Jackson, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Ryan, of this city. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Sawyer gave a pleasant dancing party to their friends at Cavanaugh Lake and a party of 12 members of the Fifty Club, of Ann Arber, on ïhursday evening of last week at their surarner cottage at Cavanaugh Lake. Miss Electa M. Henion is to be marlied Ang. 19, at the residence of her brother Fred N. Henion, in Portland, Oregon, to Mr. J. Fred Duthie. Miss Henion was born and raised in Ann Arbor, removing to Portland, Oregon, some time ago with her parents. Dr. aud Mrs. R. Cordley and son, of Lawrence, Kas., are in the oity for a short visit. The doctor graduated from the nniversity in 1854 and the changea tbat have been made since then make nis visit quite an enjoyable one as be renews bis old ooilege associations. Mr. and Mrs. Townsend, wbo have been in Europe for two years, have returned to this coantry and are visiting Mis. Townsend 's motber, Mrs. M. Taylor, of 19 Church st. Later on Mr. and Mrs. Townsend go to Colombia College, New York, where he has a position. Rev. Fr. Nanrin Sullivan, a professor in the Detroit College, left Sunday night for Mangalore, India, where he will take up misöionary work. Fr. Sullivan was born at Ann Arbor in 1860 and received his high school training at the high school ceie. Manga lore, his fature field of work, is being ravaged by the bubonic plague and India famine. - Times. E. P. O'Leary is spending a few days at Niágara Falls. Joseph Martin has gone to Saginaw for a few days' visit. Walter Crego bas gone to Napoleon to spend his 10 days' vacation. Mrs. E. A. and Misa Rathbone go to Detroit today to spend a week. Mrs. Sid W. Millard retorned Wednesday frorn her visit to Chicago. Miss Bertha Noli bas gone on a two weeks' visit to Ovid, St. John and Jackson. Prof. Lawrence Huil and bod, of Detroit, are visiting bis sister, Mrs. Ed. Edmunds. Mrs. Mary Dowdigan, of 38 William st., has returned from her trip to the Pacifio ooast Mrs. Wade acd Mrs. Turuer are the guests of their auut Mrs. H. Reeves, of S. State st. The Misses Mamie Beek and Babette Eischer, havo returned boïue from a week's visit in Dexter. Rev. A. L. Nicklas will leave Monday night for a two weeks' trip tip the lakes and icto Minnesota. Mrs. J. J. Reed and sou Lisie D , of Chicago, are visitiag her parents Air. and Mrs. Daniel Hiscock. Mrs. Bond and Miss Cecile Bond, of N. Thayer et., left yesterday morning on the excursión to Niágara Falls. litus JB Hotzel and Eugene Q. Mann are at the Spotting Club house, Zukey Lake, for a few days fishing this week. Mrs. W. G. Doty and soa Ralph, and Miss Lucile Goddard are visiting Mr. aüd Mrs. j. F. Spafard, at Manchester. The members of the Lyra Maennerchor who were camping at Whitmore Lake all last week returned home Sunday night. Mrs. C. B. and Miss Alice Nancrede returned from North Lake on Wednesday and started Thursday morning for Niágara Falls. Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Lyman, of Norwalk, O., will move here in the fall to edúcate their children. They were looking up a home the Jatter part of last week. Postmaster S. VV. Beakes left Monday for a two weeks' vacation which he will spend with his parents Dr. and Mrs. Geo. M. Beakes, of Bloomirigburgh, N. Y. Miss Emraa Kemper left last evening for a trip to Niágara Falls and PortlaDd, Me. Sbe was accompanied by the Misses Locher, of Kalamazoo, and will be gone about a week or 10 days. Mrs. Louise Gott Miner and Miss Clara Gott, who have been in California for some time, expcet to return tu Ann Arbor abont the 17th, and will be the guests of their cousin Miss Pitkin, od S. Fifth ave.
Miss Emma Trinkle, of Freedom, who has been visiting her sister Miss Bertha Trinkle, of 106 N. Main st., has been spending the past few days with Mr. and Mrs. Reno in Ann Arbor town.
Mrs. J. E. Wyman and daughters, who have been visiting relatives in this city, left Detroit, Saturday, on the steamship Northwest for a trip to Duluth and return to Buffalo en route to their home in the east.
Miss Ida Montague who was to have gone to Pennsylvania as agent for the Manufacturing Musical Assooiation, bas been appointed general agent for Washtenaw and Wayne oounties and will therefore work this territory in place of Pennsylvania. Mrs. C. E. Uordley and daughter Bessie, who have been living at Ann Arbor for the past foor years, have returned to our pretty village and will be at home in the .1. R. Dunning residence on Piety Hill. Miss Bessie graduated from the Ann Arbor high school this season. - Pinckney Dispatch. J. Q. A. Sessions has rented the house at 36 E. Willam st., which has been his borne for so many years past, to G. B Ottrnar who bas ocoupied part of it as a boarding house for the last three years. Mr. Sessions bas bought a house at Ko. 41 Forest ave., and be and his wife having, as he puts it, done their duty in looking after the comfort of many classes of students at the university, will now stop taking rooiaers and live in retirement the rest of their lives.