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Great Peter The Small

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F ail the midgeta or pigmies concerning which there is any data whatever, the little one known as Great Peter tbe Small is the most diminutiva. He is stated to weigh only six and onehalf ponnds, about half the weight of an ordinary baby at birtb. He is a veritable living paradox, for bis littleness marks his greatness. He is famed all over Europe as the stnallest human being of either sex ever börn and so sniall as almost to enter a pumpkin shell. He is a mature man in all respects except the one of size, ánd a perfect little gentleman; the adiniration of the ladies, being carressed and petted by them all day long. His hands are no bigger than dime silver pieces, while his arnis are not tbioker than cigarettes, his head about the size of an orange, while his limbs are no thicker than leadpencils. He is really only an animated and vivaoioos toy, like a child's dolí, although he is strong,; healthy, robust, and very intellectual. All children look npon him thé same as tbey wonld a dolí and frequently request their mothers to let them take him home with them to play with. To savants, scientists and the medioal profession, as well as all others, he is the greatest living cnriosity ever'discovered, a most reruarkable little fellow fnlly carrying out in his atomic person all that bas been written of him. He is exhibited in the Barnnm & Bailey Greatest Show on Eartb, together with the enormous giantess, and the famons Orissa twins, the latter two cbatming little maidens bonnd together side by side, from the hips to the shoulders. Johanna, the oelebrated hnman-like gorilla, is also in this de partment of the show, and presented a anotber freak of nature in the living human curiosity exhibit, wbere, it is claimed, she properly belongs. There are 50 oages of wild beasts, 24 ele phants, a giraffe and hundreds of strange and curions qnadrnpeds, mam malB, and amphibious creatures. The performances are given ia three rings three stages, a race traok, and aeria: enclave and there are 100 acts of al kinds, including a stupendous one of 70 horses acting in one ring at one time. In the great new street parade, called the Return of Colninbus to Barcelona, besides representations of the uobility, royalty, the serfs, slaves, knights, and soldiers of 400 years ago, tbere is one immense team of 40 horses driven by one man. It's a tremendous show, ■ravels on 64 railroad cars, employs a housand people, and everytbing will be in Ann Arbor, on Tuesday, Aug. 1?.


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