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A Grand Circus Vaudeville

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ANN ARBOR, AÏTil Y TUESDAY, Y U VJ 1 J THEWORLDS IaWEST.GrANDEST BESTANUSEMEI(TlliSTmmMbf 64 Cars. 4 trains-okductedohSoukoBusinessprihcipuJ A a CAPITAL I NVESTEDjfWPXDAlLY EXPENSESW ILJHOSÏTKUMBCRIAKD AV LONDO'I EN6. 1200 . EQTLE EMPLOYif? tt 6 HUE 02 POKT MAWOK, PARÍS , FRANCfc. ir TFMT; rrtVf-Mkr l aí m.' maiw bvisimess orricg. NEW YORK .CITY itnu K.ncMnu ACRE5 7D TiiWiíii I I TIME IlïllS. The GFrahdest Eguine Spectaele Ever Devised. 40 FINE BAY HOÍRSES Iíí ONE WOXDKOUS TEAM. 24 ELEPHANTS Períorming in 3 Rings at One Time. Largest Display %í riíacjiyderors ón thé Continent, i . 5O CÍIÁMPIOX AÊRIAL1SÏS iu Mid-Air Feats. 12 CHAMPION BAREBACK EQUESTRIANS. 5O World's Famous Jockeys and Crack Star Light-Weights. ALAR, THE HUMAN ARROW SHOT FROM A HÜGE CROSSBOW. REAL, POTPOÜRBI OF NOVEL FEATURES. Comprising Delightf ul, Startling and Amazing Exhibitions by Male and Femaie Magicians, Snake Charmers, Fire Kings, Jugglers, Dancers, Lightning Calculators, Musicians, Child Oracle, Vanety Artists and others. Performers On Every Known Musical Instrument. MUSEUM OF LIVING HUMAN CURIOSITIES Containing Midget Man, Orissa Twins, Giantess, etc. SÜPERB EQESTRIAN TOORNAMENT With First Prize Winner High-Jumping Horses and Ponies MAY-POLE DANCES AND FOX HÜNTERS' MEET. L,OOO Newlv Adcled Wonders and Attractions! 3ertaiiily 3O!JSkilled and Reniarkable Performers! Really 20 Old-Time, Modern and Pantominiic CIowds! 3 Circus Rings 'with 3 Full Companies.. 3; 3 Elevated Stages for Special Performances 3 Racing . Track for Desperate and Thrilling Contests Living Giantess, Nearly Nine Peet Tall 2 Radica and Doodica, the Pamous Orissa Twins 2 . Great Peter the Small, Weighing Only 6 1-2 Pounds . . . Giantess Gorilla, Only One in Captivity J 2 Menageries of Wild and Trained Beasts 2 24 Of the Biggest Performing Elephants 24 2 Droves of Asiatic Camels and Dromedaries 2 70 Trained Horses Performing at Once in One Ring ... 70 2 Droves of Tiny Shetland Ponies 2 00 Daring Circus and Equestrian Acts 100 ,000 Performers, Artists, Specialists and People . . . ,000 2,000 Tons of Pure, Moral Amusement 2,000 TO BE SEEN NOWHERE OUTSIDE THESE SHOWSStrange Quadrupeds From Every Clime GIANT AND DWARF ANIMALS OF ALL KINDS. teer with 3 eyes, 3 nostrils and 3 horns; Diminutive Cattle, Tiny Zebus, and Ponies. Cute Little Dwarf Elephants, Hairless Mare, etc., etc., etc. Extraordinary Features and Wonderful Attractions ALL NEW FOR TH1S SEASON New Million Dollar Free Street Parade Return of Columbus to Barcelona, and the Immense and SUPERB TEAM OP 4O HORSES at 9 a. m. on show day. Cheap excursión rates from all points. Two performances daily, at 2 and 8 p. m. Doors open an hour earlier. Admission to everything, 50c. Children under 9 years, half price. Reserved seats at regular price, and admission tickets at usual advance at Moore's Drug Store, S Huron St.. Will Exhibit at Detroit, Ang. 16. 'A MODERN GYPSY " thilling story of circus the eminent novelist. Charles " ,L""",'" ... , ' Theodore Murray, profusely illustrated, beautiiul colored over, Forsalem all book stores, on advance advertising cars, and in the circus, Priee only


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