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Feminine Expedition

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New York, Aug 10.- The Woman's Klondike Syndicate expedition has been organized in this city. Miss Helen Varlek Bosweli is president and among the patrenesses are Mrs. Jennie June Croly, Mrs. Laura Wearewalter, Chicago; Mrs. Sarah E. Pierce, Cleveland; Mrs. Willlam CraigheaA Dayton, O., and Mrs. Sarah Thompson, Delaware, O. "We expect to leave New York on March 1, 1898," said Mrs. McDonald, one of the officers, and a Pullman sleeping car or two cars, if forty people join us, will be chartered from New York to Seattle and wfll be occupied exclusively ty the members of theexpedition. Three meáis a day will be furnished on the cars and all fees and tips will be defrayed by the party. The distance is 3,310 miles and we will make it in seven days. By Steamer to SUR. "From Seattle to Sitka, another thousand miles, we go by steamer and it will take us four days. From Sitka to Klondike is an overland route of 700 miles. We will make a short stay at Sitka ín order to complete the outfit of the expedition, which will be ordered by telegraph on leaving New Tork. "We may decide not to go over the Chitkal pass, but to take the Schwatka route instead; we will decide that question at Sitka. We will travel by caravan when we leave Sitka, where the vans will have to be taken to pieces and carried on horseback over the pass; bo will the tools and provisions. On the other side of the pass the vans will be refitted and the journey continued as when leaving Sitka. When we reach the lakes, rafts will be built from timber on the banks and the rafts will float people, horses and vans across. Five Four Horse Vans, "For twenty people there will be five vans, each with four horses and three of the vans will be fitted with portable sleepers to accommodate seven persons each. The two other vans will be used for provisions with sleeping bunks in front. For those wishing to sleep alone tents and army cots will be provided." There will be half a dozen men in the party, including a physician, an assayer and a capable guide. It is the purpose of the expedition to prospect and lócate mining claims on the Klondike and other tributarles of the Yukon river; to establish a new mining camp and hospital and to equip a complete commissariat train.


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