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Chins And The Man

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Protruding chins characterize men and women of the get there type. Successful people usnally carry their chins hrust forward, with compressed lipa. This chin, if heavy, with broad rami and swelling masseters, indicates fighting blood. A retreating chin shows lackof force, mentally, morally and physically; usually oí the yielding sort; soon discouraged; desires protection; small execative force. The development of other faculties often makes upfor this defect A smal], well rounded chin, with mobile and red cnshion of flesh npon it, indicates a pleasure loving owner; if dimpled, all tbe more so, for dimpled chins belongto coquettes. People with dimples love to be petted and loved; like admiration and praise; generally flckle. Usually this chin is healthy, recuperative and long lived. Èroad chins signify nobleness and large diguity, unless vertically thin, when, if with it there be thin lips of bloodless kind, you flud crnelty. Square chins with little flesh denote firmñess and executive ability. These make good haters. Drnnkards usually have a circular line about their chins. Slovens have wrinkles about their chins. Long, thin China are poetical, unstable and delicate in constitution. Such people are subject to bowel derangements. If thin through the angles of the mouth, too, they are prone to tuberculosis; generally short lived. Medium chins with a suggestive bifnrcation in the center, with small mounds of flesh on either side, characterize generosity, impulsiveness, cheery natures. The same sized chins, with a dab of flesh just under the center of the lower lip, indícate meanness, selfishness, brutality. N. B. - No one feature can be taken in judging character. Often development of other faculties of mind or feature entirely governs. In each case take the "totality of indioations" bef ore judging. - St Louis Clinique.


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