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Burt Ellis is spending the week in Detroit. Miss Alta Rogers visiticg relativas at Lausiog. Mrs. W. K. Childs is visiting frieuds ia Milford. Daniel Haas is spending nis vacation in Dexter and Stockbridge. Mrs. Ella Eaton, of Lima, spent last week with friends in the city. Mrs. Regina Beek has retnrned froin a visit with frieuds iu Detroit. Miss Alice Staebler weut to Toledo Tuesday lor a two weeks' visit. J. D. Rayn is at Mackinac, where he will visit for several weeks. Miss Gertrnde Bnck, of Klamazoo, is visiting Miss Wood, of Chnroh st. Mail Carrier George Blura is spending part of his vacation in Detroit. D. B. Cheever, of Ghioago, is visiting his uiother Mrs. H. S. Cheever. Miss Ida Schnmaoher, of Cbelsea, has been visiting relatives in the city. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Goodyear left Monday on a visit to the Mettawas, Canada. Mr. and Mrs. George Hughes, of Sonth Lyon, are visiting C. C. Warner and family. M. C. Petetson is running a merohants' union supply stamp store in Port Huron. Louis Laviolette, of Detroit, was visiting friends in the city the lattar part of last week. J. W. Knight left Wednesday for Alma wherehe will stop at the sanitarium for some time. Miss Clarabel MoMonale is abont to organize a olass in elocutionary train ing in Sonth Lyon. Mrs. E. L. Seyler and danghter retnrned froin a vveek's visit to Detroit and Milford on Alonday. Mrs. VV. G. Dieterle and danghter Erutna are visiting hec sister Mrs. Fred Sttsinkohl, of Manchester. Albert West, driverin the fire depart" ment, bas gone to Holly, N. Y., to spend his 10 days' vaoation. Mrs. Z. York, of E. Jefferson et, has gone to Ioniawhere she will spend the remainder of the summer. L. E. Palmer and danghter, Mabel, have gone to their old home in Bro oklyn for a few weeks' vacation. Rev. and Mrs. T. W. Young left Monday for a three weeks' trip to Maokinac and Les Chenaux islandt. Sergeant Noble Monroe, of the A. A. L. L, has been appointed oolor sergeant of the lst regiment, M. N. G. Prof. A. Ten Brook attended a family rennion át Adrián last week at whioh over 100 relatives were present. Miss Maiy Veit, of Bnffalo, N. Y., who bad been visitiDg Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Spring, returned home Friday. The Misses Dena and Lizzie Dphans, of this city, are tnaking a two weeks' visit with their parents in Manchester. Wilson West and daughter Dora, of Sylvau, have been visiting Bnrt West wbo is ill at the hospital at Ann Arbor' Mrs. öeorge H. Pond and son, Kennetb, left Friday morning for a ten days' visit with frieuds at Bronson. Mrs. Fred Barker and cbildren and the Misses Bertha and Clara Feiner are at Independence Lake enjoying an on t ing. A. E. Smith, proprietor of the Belleville Enterprise, oalled at the Argns office Wednesday on bis way to camp at Strawborry lake. Charles J. N. Jacobs, of Los Angeles, Cal., who is in the boot and shoe bnsiness in that city, is visiting nis parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe T. Jacobs. Miss Catherine Burns, of Ann Arbor, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. G. T. Rice, of Jackson, for the past five weeks, bas retarned horne. Mrs. Gertrude Kitchen, who has been spending the summer with Mr. and Mrs. Frank McMillan, of Lima, will take up her residence in Ann Arbor. George Wahr left Wednesday for a trip up the lakes on the Northland to Duluth, St. Panl, Chioago and Milwaukeu. He will be gone abont two weeks. Kev. M. A. Breed, of VVestboro, Mass., who is visiting his father Rev. S. D. Breed, preached at tbe First M. E. churcb last Snnday morning to a large congregation. J. F. Seiler, of Elkhart, Ind., is taking Fred Huutoon's place at tbe desk in the United States Express Co. 's office while Fred is away at Camp Pingree witb the "Infants." Dr. C. G. Darling and J. E. Beal left Friday for Mackinac. Frora the islani they will take a week's trip through üeorgian Bay and around the islaDds iu the neighborhood. Miss Florence H. Pomeroy and Miss Margaret S. Carhart, of Ann Arbor, are the guests of Mrs. Hamilton Bogardas aud daughters at Longden cottage, Petoskey, for two weeks. Dr. Snmner G. Bnsh, who for the past year has been the house surgeon of the homeopathie hospital, has rented the Taylor residence on Park st., Chelsea, vacated by Dr. Phelps, and will praotioe his profession there. Eev. W. L. Tedrow and family left Friday for Corey Lake, where they wil! camp for seyeral weeks. During their abseuce there will not tbe any services at Trinity Lntberaa chnroh except Snnday school and Young People's meeting. Mrs. Jennie Traver and Mrs. Howard and dangbters, the Misses Ruby and Allie returued Sanday from Whitmore Lake and report an enjoyable 10 days' outing of boating, sailiog, bathing and the other pleasures which Whitmore Lake affords. They occupied rooms at the residence of Mrs. Joseph Pray. Emil Hoppe will spend a tvvo weeks' vacation at Petoskey. Airs. John Burg bas returned home froni her visit to the St. Clair Flats. Mrs. .7. A. Brown, of Lawreuce at., left Wednesday for a trip up the lakes. James H. Maya has gone to ludíanapolis where be expeots to praotice law. Jndge E. D. Kiune retarned hotne form his stay on the Atlantic cuast nn Sunday. Mr. Chas. Binder, sr., and danghter Clara, are visiting relatives near Manchester. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Keech weut to Cleveland for a few days' visit on Weduesday. Mrs. J Ashley Keith aud rou, Harold, of Mt. Clemens, ars visiting relatives in the city. Mr. and Mrs. Challes M. Jones, of Wichita, Kas., are guests of Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Watts. Mrs. H. J. Browu and family have gone to Wallalceburg, Out, for a conple of weeks' stay. Mrs. Cassins Wakefield, of Morency, is visiting her paren ts, Dr. aud Mrs. P. B. Rose of S. State st. Dr. A. Kent Hale and Captain Harris left Monday for a stay at Traverse City and otb,er northern points. Milton K. Stimson, of Paris, Tenn., I is visiting his rnotber Mrs. J. D. 1 son and othec relatives in the city. Mrs. Cady, of Plymonth, and Mrs. MoNanny, of Detroit, visited Mrs. Nathan Nixon, of Ann Arbortown, last week. Albert H. Staebbr left for D9troit yesterday. Froru Detroit he goes to Niágara Falls and Buffalo over the Grand Trunk. Airs. E. K. Frneauff, of üwosso, was in the city over Sunday visiting her mother Mrs. Augusta Hatzel and other relativos. John Liudenschmitt left für Buffalo, N. Y., Tuesday, where he will joiu his wife in a visit to his brother who resides in that city. Mrs. Geo. E. Apfel and children and Mrs. Henry Apfel returned home from their trip up the lakes to Duluth Monday afternoon. Mrs. O. M; Martin, Mre. A. L. Haven and Miss Ruth Gould left Wednesday for a trip up the lakes to Duluth and other points. Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Kyer have arrived safely across the Atlantic, a cablegrarn having been received from them dated at Edinburgh. Mrs. George Reade, of North Lake, has returned home after a short visit with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Nixon, of Ann Aibor town. Mrs. Ann White and her daughter Miss Hattie Luce returned home Monday from a visit with her sister at Lockport, N. Y., and a two days' visit at Niágara Falls. Will Walz, bookkeeper at the Ann Arbor Savings Bank, is away on his two weeks' vacation. He will spend this week with Co. A,at Camp Pingree, and next week at Chicago. JKay and Chas. Smith and Clarence Noble, of Ann Arbor, returned Thursday of last week froin a yacht crnise to Charlevoix and Pine Lake during the past few weeks. - Petoskey Resorter. The Misses Nellie, Lulu and Stella Rinsey, accompanied by their brothers and Miss Nellie and Harry Brown, are enjoying a coaple of weeks' sojourn at the Oak Grove club house, Zukey Lake. Burlington (Vt. ) Free Press: W. A. Dewey, Al. D., of Ann Arbor, Mich., is the guest of Mrs. A. F. Owen. Dr. Dewey holds the chair of homeopathie materia medica in the University of Michigan. Eugene J. Helber, proprietor of the Nene Washtenaw Post, bas sold his hume in Saline tö Mrs. Neithammer,and will move to Ann Arbor to reside. He has rented the house on Miller ave. formerly ocenpied by W. E. Walker. Win. A. Mogk and the Misses Eugenie andMelinda Mogk lef tMonday for a tbree weeks' trip to Niágara Falls, Toronto, Thousand Islands, Quebec aad Chrisostnm. At Niágara Falls they were joined by Mr. and, Mrs. George Stimson.


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