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Burned By A Gas Explosion

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Mrs. Charlea Binder, jr., had a very narrow escape froin beiug seriously burned on Snnday mcrning, as it was she is still suffering from the painfnl bnrns sbe then received. She had lightedoneof tbe top burnersof her gas stove, also the tip that lights tbe burners tor the oven, preparatory to doing some baking. By sorae rneans the oven burners went ont and the gas generated in snch large quantity in the oven that when she put her arm inside to see if the oven was warm enou#h thö gas was ignited by the top bnrner and exploded, buruing her arm badly also her face and setting flre to her hair. Witb great presence of mind she threw her apron np over her head and thns smotbered the flames. Had it been gasoline she could not have done this and the results would have been far more serious. Mrs. Binder is recovering from her burns as rapidly as could be expected.


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