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A Grand Parade

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The return of Columbns to the City of Barcelona after tho first voyage of discovêry which trininphant event took place 400 years ago and was made tbe ocoasiou for thn grandest pageant in the history of the world, has been seized pou by the manager of tne Barnum ud Bailey Greatest Sbow on Earth as he subject for reproduction in the great ree street parade daily given by that ircus. It provea to be a most wondernl and stupendous spectacle of men, women, children, horses, elephants, wild beasts, chariots, cars and floats. Columbus himself, as well as scores of other oharacters famous in the annals of the time, are all trutbfully represented costnmed in the same ricb manner then in vogue, ia royal robes of state, on horseback surrounded witb their escorts, in costly uniforma, singly and iu groups, aud in pioturesque and charming styie, and all histoiically oorreet. Preceding this portion of the pageant is one of the most magniflcent sights imaginable, that of a wondrous team of 40 fine bay horses driven by one man. Preceding the Columbas portion of the procession are rare displays of open deas of wild beasts and carved golden chariots, oontaining the splendid zoological colleotion, followed by 24 elephants, the allgorical chariots illnstrating nursery rhymes and children's fairy stories. The whole afl'air is new, grand and inspiring, and utterly unlike those free street parades offered by little shows having uothing but "queer" material. The parade will take place abont 9 o'clock in the morning on Tnesday next, Ang. 17, in the folluwing manner, Platoon of Mountei Pólice. liuler.-i anti Marmer Bearerd. Orand Military Band. Stupendous Forty Hoi se United Team. Open Den of five Tigers and Trainer. Opeo Den of Four Lions and Trainer. Open Den of Six.Leopards and Trainer. Open Dea of Sev.'ii Panthers and Trainer Open Deu of Six Hyenas and Trainer. Open Den of l'jve Beurs and Trainer. Open Den of Six Wolves and Trainer. iNovel Melecnoir Chimes, drawii by Ten Horses. Lady Performers aad Side Saddle Experts. Mounted Ladies of the Hippodrome Gentleman Hippodrome Kiders. Two 2-Horse Koman Chariots, Lady Drivers. Two 4-Horee Eoman Chariots. Band Chariot "EuterDe," drawn by Ten Horses. Seven Golden Chariots containing rare wild beasts. Triumphal Chariot with queer musicians and comic beads. Caravan of Sixteen Camels with Asiatic Kiders. Twenty-two Performing Elephants. Two Elephants with Howdahs and Oriental Beauties. santa Claus Chariot, drawu by Six Ponies. Blue Beard Chariot, drawn by Six Zebras, 01J Woman who lived in her Shoe. Japanese Dragon Chariot with performers. Cinderella's i'airy Coach. Siabad the Sailor Chariot. Littie Hed Riding Hood Chariot. Moiher Goose Chariot. Blue Band Chariot "America," drawn by Ten Horses. seven Golden Cages containing rare animáis Mammoth Organ Chariot. Grand Tnumphal Float. COLUMBÜS SECTION. the reception tendered Columbus at Barcelona 400 years ago. Boyal Mace Bearers. Squad of Bight Royal Trumpeters. Grand Triumphaí Throne Chariot of Ferdi,, . nand and Isabeüa. Mounted Grandees, Nobles, Knischrs, Cavaliers, Embassadors and prominent personages in correct, elegant ana costly histoncal costumes. The great discoverer Christopher Columbus. Emblematic Moat, with fruits, plants and lirmgevideneesof the new country. Steam Caliope.


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