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Howell Family Reunion

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A pleasant reuniĆ³n of the Howell family and its deaoeudants was held at the residence of " Dr. Charles Howell, ob Geddes ave., Aan Arbor, Wedoesday. There were present Dr. Geo. Howell, of Tecuniseh; Kev. David Howell, of Lansing; Edwiu Howell, of Macon ; Judge Andrew Howell, of Detroit; Dr. Chas. Howell, of Aun Arbor; Mrs. Wm. Riohards, and MrB. Frank Odell, of Macon, together with their children and grandohildren to the nuinber in all of 25 persons. It is a noticeable fact in relation to this reuniou that of the five Howsll brothers who were present four of theru are professional men, two doctors, a lawyer and a minister. Dinner was served at 1 o'clouk and was an exceedingly pleasant meal to all who partook of it. A history of the Howell family, tracing back to 1639, when the origiuator of the family in this country came from England, was read by Mrs. L. Mae Nichols, daughter of Dr. Charles Howell. Eaoh of the ohildren of the Howell brothers and sisters were preseated with a photograph of the old coat of arms of the English family as a souvenir of the occasion, Subscribe for the Argus now.


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