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An Uncalled For Attack

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Sheriff Judsou feels a trifle put ont at the uucalled for attaok made upou bim in the Detroit Eveuiug Nevrs by its special oorrespoudent, N. D. Corbin, iu referenoe to his aotion in the Beokwith oase, aud it looks to fair minded people as though be were justified in his feeliugs. The attack iu question is as follows : "Meanwbile the general public in Ann Arbor are roasting the county officers good and hard. Sheriff Judson ia catohing it right and ieft. To hiru at least the triviality of the evidence agaiust the arrested persons, it is said, must have been most obvious. " Those who know anything abont the case at all know that the sheriff only did what his duty demanded uf bim. He was compelled, when George W. Beckwith sworn out a warrant for those whoui he snpposeri had made away with bis son, to serve it and having served it to do all he oould to unravel the mystery concerning the young ïaau's death both in jnstioe to the living and the dead. This Sheriff Judson did, and those who were best acquainted with the facts in the case have no fault to fiud with hiin. It looks a little as though Corbin was trying to woik off soine of the old grudge he has against Judson.


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