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Ann Arbor Savings Bank

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REPORT OF THE CONDITIOïi OF THE At Ann Arbor, Michigan, at the close of business, Oct. 6, 1896. RESOURCES. LIAB1LIT1ES. joans and Diacounts, 1507,856 17 n,,.!..! .,„„.. „.,;,, it. ín (Kin m Stocks, Bouds, Mortffages, etc 504,758 15 Sift'd pald in Yw'oOO 00 rwprrlraft-a 831 'Y! öUrplUS tuna, 1OU,UUU UU ninVinir HraÏR" 2-0 ?nn oó Undinded proflts lesscurrentexpenFurniugreHao?deFixtüre6-::::::..:::::: 1;?i „K&Ssb a"" paid 4 Other Real Estáte 19,920 98 Dividends unpid 460 U0 Due frombanks in reserve cities... 77.246 71 uju-usiís. Due f rom other banks and bankers.. 112 60 Commercial deposita, subject to Cheeks and cash items J, 742 81 check.. 187.923'27 Nickels and Cents 467 19 Savmps Depoeits 730,842 76 Gold coiu, , ... 36.1B2 50 Savines CertiflcateR of Deposits 102,622 36 Silver coin 2,900 00 Due to Banks acd Bankers 7,595 00 U. S. and National Bani Notes 52,(514 00 $1,233,528 80 $1,253,528.80 STATE OP MICHIGAN, i County of Washtenaw. f SB I, Charles E. Hiscock, cashier of the aboye named bank, do soiemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Chas. E. Hiscock, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me, thie 9th day of Octaber, 1896. Michael J. Fritz, Notary Public. Cobbbct Attest: Christian Mack, W. D. Harriman, V. B. Smith, Directors. Capital, $50,000. Surplus, $150,000. Resources, $1,000,000 Transacts a general banking business; buys and sells exchangeson New York, Detroit and Chicago; sells drafts on all the principal cities of Europe. This bank, already having a large business, invites merchants and others to open acccunts with them with the assurance of the most liberal dealing consistent with safe banking. In the Savings Department interest at the rate of four per cent. is paid semi-annually, on the first days of January and July, on all sums that were deposited three months previous to those days, thus affording the people of thia city and coünty a perfectly safe depository for their funds, together with a return in interest for the same. Money to loan on apüroved securities. Directoks.- Christian Mack, Daniel Hiscock, Willard B. Smith, W. D Harrimon, William Deubel, David Rinsey, L. Gruner. Officers.- Christian Mack, Tresident; W. D. Harriman, Vice-TTesident Chas. E. Hiscock, Cashier M. J. Fritz Ass'l-Cashier.


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