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While prosperity is coming to individuá...

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While prosperity is coming to individuáis, it is not to the general government.whose debt increased $14,800,000 dnring the month of August. The voters at the school electiou next Mouday will be confrontad with au exceedingly important question relating (o sohool text books. They can have any one of these three things, the present systeru, free text books or books to be named by a coiamission under the uniform text book law. The Argns will not now enter into the question of free text books, bnt it desires to advise its readers who reside in Ann Arbor, to vote against the uniform text book system as at present proposed. Advocates of this system talk about the expense of frequent ohanges of text books as an argument why.we shonld charige all our text books this year. And this is one of the very reasons why our advice is against making the ohange. Most of our present school books oannot be changed for another five years nnless Monday we vote to make a complete ohange. Anyoue who votes for the change votes in the dark. It is not yet known how poor the quality of the books will be, whioh the commission will adopt. The text book rings can afford to expend muoh inoney to get Michigan's contraot, and the poorer the text books, naturally the more money its backers can afford to spend to olincb a contract. The Argus is not cnarging that this will be done, but it simply asserts tbat it has been done in other states. We oannot afford to risk poor text books in our sohools and we need a little more prosperity before we are obliged to buy an entire new outfit of books.


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