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The Adrián Press, Willard Stearns' bright paper, copies the followiug from the Adrián Times: "The Evening Telegram and papers of "like ilk" are very particular to lay the prosperity, which is certainly coming, and the rise of wheat to the Lord, and just as earnest in denying the republican party had anything to do with it." Then in a characteristic marnier, the Press remarks: "We hope that the 'like ilk' papers will promptly withdraw all claim of providential credit and ascribe big crops as due exclusively to the republican party. "Hereafter the Almighty is not to be'init.' The republican party is to be the whole push. The Times and papers of 'that ilk' crowd Christ off the throne and seat McKinley thereon, with Dingley and Hanna as right and left supporters. "The erop of potatoes is a failure. The croy of apples is a failure. But , where a failure occurs, the republican party is not responsible. This is the visitation of providence. "Last year we had the most bountif ui apple erop ever known. This was due to the republican party, too. "They could just as well have had a big fruit erop and a nice lot of potatoes this year, but wished to show the people that there must be implicit trust in republican principies, protective tariff and gold standard, before conferring too much prosperity at once. "Hereafter let no paper dare think of denying that the republican party has anything to do with big crops. It is a regular fertilizar - a high grade phosphate, and the worse it smells, the better thé crops."


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