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A Roland For His Oliver

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It is said that Professor John Stuart filackie of ten told "on himself" this anecdote, which seems to indícate that personalities are not agreeable, even to those who deserve critioism. This genial oíd professor used to form a very pioturesque feature in the Edinburgh streets. He was a wiry old patriarch, with handsome features and hair falling in ringlets about his shouldere. No one who had seen him could possibly forget hina. One day he was accosted by a very dirty little bootblaok with his "Shine yonr boots, sir?" The professor was impressed by the filthiness of the boy's face. "I don't want a shine, my lad," said be, "but if you'll go and waah your face Til give yon sixpence. " "A' richt, sir," was the lad's reply. Then he went over to a neighboring fcmntain and made his ablutions. Betnrning, he held out his hands for the jnoney. "Well, my lad," said the professor, "you have earned your sixpence. Here it is. " "Idinna want it, auldchap," retnrned the boy with a lordly air. "Ye can keep it and get yer hair cut. "


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