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There are over 20 criminal cases on tbe docket for the October term of the circuit court. The friends of Probate Register P. J. Lehman are congratulating him on the birth of a baby girl into his family. Frank Warren, the State st. barber, has purchased the house and lot No. 32 S. Thayer st., and will occupy it himself. The Ann Arbor Water Co. is overhauling one of the boilers at the main pumping station and making needed repairs. The ladies of St. Thomas' church cleared $40 from the lawn social they gave at Mrs. Wm. Howard's, on Geddes ave., Friday evening. The brick work of the new addition to the Cook house, facing on S. Fourth ave. is completed. It is 55 x 60 feet in size and was put up in five weeks. The winter cars of the street railway company are being renovated and painted the same color as the big car that runs between Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. Arthur Schofield has been granted a divorce from Jennie Schofield, by Judge Kinne. The testimony was taken before the circuit court commissioner of Jackson county. Th full dress dinner party given at the Second Baptist church by the members of the church, and of Locullus Lodge, No. 5, K. of P., on Friday tight last, was a great success. Elisha B. Paul, administrator of the estate of Patrick Ryan, has taken an appeal to the circuit court from the decision of the probate court in reference to the disposition of the estate. Robert E. Staebler has purchased of Mrs. Elizabeth Hyde, her handsome residence No. 28 S. Division st. Mr. Staebler has not yet decided whether to occupy the house himself or rent it to a sorority. A pickpocket attempted to snatch a gold watch from Miss Florfince Babbitt, of Ypsilanti, while she was in Buffalo attending the G. A. R. celebration. She pluckily grabbed the thief and made him drop the watch. Frank W. Creech, deputy register of deeds, has been handing out the cigars to his friends over the fact that there will be one more republican voter in Ypsilanti 21 years from now. The boy arrived at his home Monday. Durand is enjoying a lively boom just now, and in order to keep pace with the improvements the railroad companies are preparing to alter their track arrangements with a view to insuring the greater safety of passengers. A handsome new union depot will also be built. The Ann Arbor railroad has decided to build a large flour warehouse at Frankfort to accommodate its lake trade. Mrs. Charles W. Vogel was driving along Detroit st. Monday evening when her horse became frightened, shied and threw her out of the carriage, inflicting some painful injuries. A number of the members of the L. O. T. M. have formed a club to be known as the Emma E. Bower Club, the object ui which is to be social gatherings where there shall be no gossip. The Salvation Army tent was moved from the Northside to Saline last Saturday, and the churches in that village will join the army for a two weeks' bombardment of the strongholds of Satan in that burg. The shoe store of E. E. Beal and the dry goods store of E. F. Mills & Co. have been in the hands of the painters and paper hangers the past week and their work adds ranch to the improved appearance of both places. In the United States at present about 4,000,000 bicycles are in daily use. As the population of this country is upwards of 70,000,000, there will be no immediate occasion for any of the bicycle manufacturers to go out of business. Miss Josepine Daniels, of Gregory, niece of Eugene E. Beal, of this city, died Friday and was buried Sunday at Gregory. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene E. Beal, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer E. Beal, Junius E. Beal, and H. A. Williams and daughter, of this city, attended the funeral, which was a private one, only relatievs being present. Mrs. Mary P. Davidson, of Elizabeth st., celebrated her 90th birthday on Tuesday by inviting a number of her "young" lady friends to eat ice cream with her. A very pleasant time was enjoyed by all. The floral gifts were many and beautiful. The combined ages of 12 of the "young" ladies who were present aggregated 829 years. An old fireman of Ypsilanti is out in a communication to the Times in which he complains bitterly of the state of dirt and filth in which the steam fire engine belonging to that city is kept by the paid fire department. He could make no such charge against the Ann Arbor fire department for the fire apparatus under its care is a model of cleanliness and neatness. The new State Telephone Co. expects to have the lines connected between Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti by the end of next week. Eight wires will be stretched between the two cities. The service that will be given between the two cities will be the best that electricians and money can furnish and it'is expected to have 500 subscribers 300 of whom have already signed contracts in the new Ann Arbor exchange. George Dickson, a Belleville farmer, was arrested Tuesday afternoon at the instance of Mrs. Carrie B. Stannard, of S. State st., charged with assault and battery. The arrest was the result of an altercation in which Mrs. Stannard claims Dickson slapped her face. He was taken before Justice Pond and the esamination was set for Friday, but later in the day a compromise was effected between the parties and the matter was dropped. Mr. Dorr Isdell Gasser, of Pauldings, O., and Miss Ida Louise Bliss, were married Wednesday evening at the home of the bride's mother on E. William st., by Rev. J. W. Bradshaw. Prof. R. H. Kempf played Wagner's Bridal March on the piano and Master Fred Daley sang some vocal numbers. A reception was held during the evening which was attended by the relatives and friends. The wedding presents were handsome and useful. Mr. and Mrs. Gasser will reside at Pauldings, O. Mr. C. E. Mutschel and Miss Anna E. Buck were married Tuesday afternoon at 2 :30, at the home of the bride 54 Washtenaw ave. Rev. J. M. Gelston performed the ceremony, Prof. R. H. Kempf presided at the piano and Mrs. Kempf sang. Only the immediate relatives of the parties were present. The rooms were handsomely and tastefully decorated with flowers anti vines, many of which were grown in Mr. Mutschel's garden. The presenta were numerous and handsome. Mr. and Mrs. Mutschel left on the 3 :47 train east on the Michigan Central for a wedding trip. They will be at home to their friends after Sept. 15. The Washtenaw Times Band attended the great band tournament at Jackson Tuesday. Reserved seats for Ward & Vokes' play "The Governors" are on sale at Wahr's bookstore, N. Main st. The island was rented four days this week for as many different picnics. It is a pretty place and should become popular. Goodspeed Bros., of this city and Grand Rapids, are preparing to open a shoe store at 106 Washington ave. north, Lansing. J. P. Hamilton, the blind piano taner, returned to Ann Arbor, Wednesday. Orders sent to 319 Maynard st., will receive prompt attention. Commencing with Sunday next the evening services at St. Andrew's church will be held at 7 :30 instead of at 6:80 as has been the custom daring the stnnmer. Mrs. John Schaeberle died at her home corner of Liberty and Fifth sts, on Saturday from dropsy, leaving a husband and four children all of whom have grown up. There will be a meeting of th eleetors of School District No. 1, at the court house this evening at 7 :30 o'clock, for the purpose of putting in nomination three school trustees to be voted for at the election to be held on Monday next, Sept. 6. Rev. S. Henri Brown, a graduate of Callabar college, Kingston, Jamaica, W. L, is visiting Rev. H. P. Thomas, and will preach at the Second Baptist church Sunday. Rev. Mr. Brown has just built an 18,000 church at Springfield, Mass., and paid every oeh't in cash. Mr. Frank H. Hess, of this city, and Miss Rose Cranston, of Constantino, were married at the English Lutheran church in that place Aug. 25. After the ceremony a wedding reception was given at the bride'y home. They returned Sunday to their home 406 E. Liberty st. Willard Stearns, editor of the Adrián Press met with a severe accident Sunday morning by falling from a ladder on which he was standing adjusting a conductor pipe to an eave trough. He fell seven feet and alighted on bis back which was badly strained in consequence, confining him to his bed. A social for the benefit of the Northside church will be given at the old chapel o-j Wednesday evening, at which ice cream and cake or coffee and fried cakes will be served for 10 cents ach. The foundation of the church will be completed this fall, and during the winter a series of socials will be given to arise funds to start the building of the church itself next spring. The annual meeting of Ann Arbor Chapter, No. 122, O. E. S., was held Wednesday evening at which time the officers for the ensuing year were elected as follows: Worthy matron, Mrs. L. Mae Nichols; worthy patrón, L. C. Goodrich; associate matron, Mrs. Matilda Granger; secretary, Mrs. C. A. Fitzgerald; treasurer, Miss Bessie Turner. The balance of the officers will be appointed before the installation. Robert Vioary stole $(9 from the residence of Orson Beeman, in Lyndon township, some time ago, and made his escape to Dakota. The money belonged to the fractional school distirct of Lyndon and Waterloo and ever since Vicary gofc away efforts have been made to bring him to justice. Deputy Canfield has made two trips to Dakota to get him and the second attempt was successful. Vicary was arraigned before Judge Kinne on Wednesday, plead guilty to the charge, and was sentenced to lonia reformatory for 18 months. He was taken there yesterday. At the session of the Michigan synod of the Evangelical Lutheran church in Lansing, Friday, it was voted to consolidate with the Augsburg synod, which embraces the States of Ohio, Illinois, Indiana and others. The Augsburg synod has no educational institution in which to educate young men for the ministry and will gradually die out unless some means are provided. Tbpy are financially unable to establish a seminary and the consolidation is considered a great benefit to both synods, as better results will be obtained in the seminary from receiving support from all the congregations. The missionary work will also receive material benefit. Dr. Fowler will address the Y. W. G. A. next Sabbath at 3:30. Subject: "África, and What He Knows of It. " All are cordially invited to attend. The Times says: "Several citizens whose houses have been renumbered are carrying their old numbers around in their pockets so they can find the house all right. " The Ypsilanti Weekly Times is a new candidate in the newspaper field which has for its editor Seward Cramer and business manager C. J. Howard. It was launched yesterday. The A. M. E. conference has ceased its labors at Flint and several changes have been made in the pastors of the colored Methodist churches in this county. Rev. William Collins who has been in Ann Arbor for some time, is given the pastorate of the Lansing church and Rev. Sandy Simmons comes to this city. Rev. J. E. Alexander is made pastor of the Ypsilanti church for the coming year and Rev. O. F. Hill of the Whittaker church Rev. W. H. Butler, of Detroit, has been re-appointed as presiding elder. Rev. William Collins was elected secretary of the J Missionary Society.