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Ypsilanti has still abont $400 of taxes uncollected, although an extra rnonth was granted to taxpayers in which to settle up. The large barns on the Chris Rathfon place in Pittsfield were bnrned to the grotind Tuesday evening. A lantern is supposed to have exploded and tbus cansed the fire. Three fine horses sharec the oatastropbe. Mrs. Jane Forsyth, wife of Emanuel Forsyt.h, of Pittsfleld, died Wednesday morning after a long illness. The funeral services weie held this morning, and the remaius were bnried in Hlghland cemetery, Ypsilanti. A thief stole Miss Florence Cnrtis' bicyole at Ypsilanti Monday night, bnt she reoovered it from the fact that it had a broken handle and the thief not daring to ride it far ont of town and not ventnring to take it to a repair shop, left it in a yard in the Fourth ward. Wm. Bell, of Ypsilanti, who was badly bitten by a dog belonging to a man named Reinhart some time ago, lies at his home in a precarions condition. He has sned Reinhart for $1,500 damages and his testimony in the case was taken by Jnstice Joslyn and the attorneys in the case at bis own home on Monday. An Ypsilanti colored man found a )etrified hnman foot while digging iu one of the new sewers tbe other day and carried it home. He took it baok o where he found it the next day laiming to have been strnck on nis006 tbree times during the night by a 'spook," and he didn't want the hoo00 in his house any longer. Col. H. H. Jeffords Post, G. A. B., or Dexter, has received intirnation through Jndge H. Wirt Newkirk, that a 30 pounder Parrotgnn weighing 4,200 pounds, and 20 8-inoh spherical shells weighing 880 ponnds, are ready for shipment to the post fiom Governor'slsland, New York harbor. The piece of ordnance will be erected by Jefford's Post as a soldiers' monument next Memorial Day. George A. Neat, who lives in the Follet honse blook, Ypsilanti, is abont to come into posseesion of a portion of an estáte which will net him over $250,000. He is joint heir with bis sister Mrs. Flora A. Clark, of Bay City, to an estáte appraised at $597,700, whioh descends to them from their roother's brother Andrew Ely, who left Ypsilanti 48 yeats ago and went to Calfornia where he died and left her or her children hiR solé beneficiarles.


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