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Repairing Pneumatic Tires

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Experienced repairmen and riders know that a flat rubber patch is the only satisfactory repair for a tire puneture, and the Morgan & Wright t'ortn of tire is the only one which can be patched in this vvay. In tact, no other form of tire can be permanently repaired. The Morgan & Wright tire can be taken apart when necessary. A tire in whieh the inner tube, valve stem, and outer casing are all man ufactured in one piece may seem simple to the new rider, and of course all the manufacturer of such a tire has to do is to slap all the parts together and cook thtm in a lump, so to speak. But this is not real simplicity. If your postage stamps get stuck together, you are a loser. The parts of a pneumatic tire are worth a great deal more than postage stamps, and any repairman will teil the rider that sometimes an accident happens which can only be fixed by taking the tire apart. If the tire is of the all-stucktogether kind it cannot be taken apart, and must be considered ruined. Some people, who have not studied this matter, have asked Morgan & Wright to make the all-stuck-together kind, but they have always refused, because they know that the regular Morgan & Wright tire gives the least trouble and the most comfort to the most people.


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