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Anticholera Vaccination

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Anticholera vacoiuation originated about 12 years ago with Dr. Ferran, a Spanish physician. Hïs vaccine of eight drops of a cholera culture mixed with bile was used with many misfortunes upon 25,000 persons, but save sufflcient encouragement to lead to Haffkine's experiments, which have proved so successful in India. Haffkine employs attenuated cholera bacilli, followed a few days later by virulent cultures. Equally good results frorn the use of dead cholera bacilli - killed by either heat or chloroform - are uow claimed by Kolle, who gets the same effects by simply using sornewhat larger doses of his less terrifying preventive. Comparative tests have shown that the blood of the vaccinated individuals is now 200 times as potent in resisting cholera infection as that of the unvaccinated. As evidence of the effectiveuess of modern methods of dealing with cholera the fact is mentioned that it has had 800,000 victimsin Russia since 1892, while in Germany, including the Hamburg epidemie, its deaths have been but 9,000. The disease seetas destined soon to become as obsolete as smallpox.


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