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She Wanted To Kill

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'Chicago, Aug. 31. - Mrs. Francés E. Middleton, wife of George Middleton, the wealthy museum and theatrical manager, after spending many hours in the annex of the Harrison street police station, was arraigned before Justice Martin Tuesday morning, charged with an attempt upon the life of B,elle Carmen, one of the Carmen sisters, variety performers. Mrs. Middleton wait■ed for the young woman at the entrance to her apartments at 210% Clark street, and as she made her appearance about midnight, after a bicycle ride, it is said in company with Middleton, the angry ■wife rushed upon her with a dagger and stabbed her in many places. In the confusión the wounded woman disappeared and Mrs. Middleton, after being taken to the lake front pólice staiion, was liberated. I''onnd Covered with Blood. 'Some time later the pólice found the ■vietim of the assault covered with blood and in a serious condition. Officers were sent to Mrs. Middleton's home at 3322 Michigan boulevard, and at 3 o'clock Tuesday morning placed her under arrest. She was brought to the Harrison street station and kept in the annex over night. "I tried to kill the woman. and I am sorry I faüed," said Mrs. Middleton, with snapping eyes, before being ■brought into court. "She has broken up my family and alienated the affecfions of'my husband. I shall never return to live with Mr. Middleton again. "I have in my possession letters, checks and other evidence of the most damaging character given by my husband to this banjo pieker and dancer. These are suflïcient grounds for a divorce being granted if I cared to ask for one, Ij ut I won't. I once filed a 'bilí, but I hsard this Carmen woman declare she would yet be Mrs. Middleton, and although I have glven up trying to reform my husband, and will not live with him, I will not get a divorce. Had tlie Couple Shadowed. "My husband has given this woman many thousands of dollars and for months I have had Detective Devereaux shadowing the couple. By some strange coincidence she started housekeeping right above his office. A week ago last Thursday, while Miss Carmen was playing a date in Rockford, he followed her there. "Last Sunday I entertained a party of friends at luncheon and Mr. Middleton agreed to join us.' Instead he went out with this woman and I lost all patience. I decided to kill her, and tried to Monday night with the result that I am here. I made no effort to escape arTest, and am ready to answer for what I have done." Owing to the cor.dition of the variety actress as the result of the assault, the case against Mrs. Middleton could not "be heard Tuesday morning. Ex-State's Attorney Kern appeared in behalf of the prisoner, who signed her own bond as surety for her appearance Sept. 9. What the Vietim Says. In the mear.time the vietim of Mrs. Middleton's jealousy. Miss Belle Carmen, or "La Belle Carmen," as she is known on the variety stage, disfigured and pallid from loss of blood, was tossing about her bed in the rooms at 210 Clark street. One hand was completely covered with bandages, and the wounded girl moaned and complained that the pain was terrible. "I don't know why Mrs. Middleton attacked me," she said, speaking in scarcely more than a whisper. "I don't know anything about George Midleton or his wife, and his wife need not worry about me. Monday evening I was out bicycle riding and came in about ai o'clock. I started to go up the stairway to the flat when I discovered a woman standing behind one .of the doors. As she was heavily veiled I did mot recognize her as Mrs. Middleton. Out Söveral Times. The next thing I knew the woman flew at me with a knife in her hand. She out me several times and but for ■the interference of a detective I suppose she would have centinued to stab me. When I got out of 'the womah's way I hurried down Adams street. Finally I found a physlcian who dressed my -wounds. I have been weakened terribly by the loss of blood and have been able to sleep but little. Mrs. Middleton did not horsewhip me on a former occasion, as she claims. After she had stabbed me she ran to my bicycle and cut the tires and saddle." Notwithstanding Miss Carmen's statement .to the contrary, she was out riding with Mr. Middleton. People who know Mrs. Middleton say that on account of her own actions and fancy for a well-known base ball playersheshould have no groutid for jealousy. "Another cise of people who live in glass houses," said a variety performer, when speaking of the affair.


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