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Seattle, Wash., Aug. 31.- The f olio wing news was received J)y the steamer Utopia Tuesday from Skaguay, Alaska, Aug. 23: The jam is breken on the Skaguay trail. Seven outfits have gotten over and there is a steady stream of moving humanity mixed up in an almost indescribable mass of horses of all sizes, ages and conditions. Mules, cow?, goats and dogs are attached to vehicles of every descrlptlon to be imagined. Three steamers are unloading on light ships which convey the freight as near the shore as possitale before it is loadecl on wagons and anchoredabove high tide. The Utopia is unloading at the only %vharf. a sháky structure..Two pile drivers aie at work on another doek, which is k. tended to be a substantial affair. A nevv sawmill got up steam for the fír'. I ... Rough lumber Is wort . ' : tbousand, but it be got V.sM . ■ .. iugh. I ■::-' ■. The i :.■ fi. .Li is iiOW being dis-played but i '. by a city of "shack-" of ■■'■■' stzes año c.earrees. Skaguay is Ihe boom town of A'.aska. Every man whoso heart iaüed himwhen he encourtered the first hardship, has turned town site boomer. Four weeks ago Skaguay was not kriown; today there are not less than 4.000 people in addition to those on ships in the harbor. They have surveyed off the town site, the flrst corners having first choice. The United States commissioner is issuing some kind of a certifícate, fee $5, surveyor another $5, then the squat; ter sticks up his tent, shack or corral, and is ready to skin the first tenderfoot that comes along. Transfers by quitclaims are quite common and as high as $200 has been paid for a choice location. Skakuay has all of the accompaniments of a frontier mining town, dance halls, roulette, faro, stud poker and craps flnd devotees ready to tempt fortune's smiles. No Danger of Familie. There is no danger of famine her6, though there may be shortages in certain lines. Great piles of hay, grain, flour, bacon, sugar and all the necessaries of life are in stock, apparently for some time to come. There are not less than 2,000 horses at work on the Skaguay trail, but it is hard to get anj'qne to contract to deliver you over the summit at any price but you can get over fcr about 30 cents a pound, if you are willing to wait and contract by stations. At Dyea the Indians are moving the freight on an almost unbroken stream from Dyea to Lake Linderman, and it is not much trouble to contract to get one's entire outfit over at one trip at from 40 to 45 cents per pound.-. Xo one should come expecting to get over this fall at less than these rates, and r:o one should bring boats. There are boats, set up, knocked down in sections and single boats on both trails, not one of which has been taken over.


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