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Wesley And Methody

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Louis XIV's famous saymg, "I am the state," is not f ar froru being applioable to Wesley, however be would have revolted frorn saying, "I am the church. " But unquestionably the prolongation of bis life as both the apostle and lawgiver of his church throughout the whole of its adolescent and forruative period, during which it was plastic to his organizing and guiding hand, secured to it both its sta ble basis and its symmetrical developrnent. Asa preacher second only to that incomparable Whitefield whom a skeptic like Hume said he would go 20 miles to hear; as a I hymnist second only to his peerless brother Charles, who bas given 627 hymns to the Methodist hymn book, he was pre-eminent in fitness for patriarchal administration and government. No man has come so near the position of a Protestant pope. In Great Britain his sole judgment sufflced to exclude any mem ber or minister deemed unworthy. In America, in 1770, the deed of the old John Street church, the first Methodist church in America, restricted its use to such persons as Wesley should appoint. Tbis autocratie constitution was but a natural incident of the period of tutelage through which scattered societies, mainly composed of the humbler sort of people, with their visible boud chiefly in the person of their beloved founder and father, grew at length iuto a fully organized church in the forni of a Presbyterian episcopacy. ■


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