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Curious Offerings By Venders

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A Street vender said that anything that ruight be offered could be sold in the street. Sorue things sell better than others, and for gome the demand is ruore contiuuous than for others, but buyers can be found for anything if the article is brought to their attention. A knowledge of this fact prorapts the oflering sometiiiies of cnrious thiugs or things that at first thought seem curions, that one would not expect to see offered in this way. But the fact wiil be recalled, if one dwells for a inomeut upon this subject, that there are always people to be seen scanding around looking at these novel offerings. Their novelty attracts some attention, and then there are more or less people who want the things. Here was a man, for instance, selling files, nothing wbatever but files, of whioh he had a push cart full. There were files of various sizes and of all kinds - flat files, half round, square, three cornered and rattail - all at the uniform price of 5 cents each or six for a quarter. And there was a fair trade doing in these files. The many people who pass in the course of the day along a busy street have manifold wants. Some aruong them want files. Files cannot be sold steadily by street venders, as many other things are - there is a limit to the quantity that this market will absorb - but there is some sale for files in the street, as there is f or pretty ïnuch everything that is offered. -


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