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The Cat And The Mirror

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I had a ivorite cat, which carne habitually t my bedroom door as soon as persons began to move about the house in the rtiorniug aud mewed for adnrittance, scratching to einphasize his request if immediate response were not made. One moruing the idea seized me to place him upou the dressing tablewhile I was dressing. The cat at once saw his reflection in the mirror and began to arch his back aud whisk his tail. He twisted and turued himself and began to "spit, " as if eager for a contest, and of course hisapparent adversary did the same. Theu he struck savagely at the mirror, evidently without the desired result. Puzzled, he went behind the glass toiuvestigate, returning thoronghly dissatisfied and eager to get at closer qu artera. With a hearty langh I drew near and began to stroke hiru, and in the mirror he now saw his own reflection and mine, with my hand upon his head. It seemed as if the cat took in the situation at once, for he glanced from me to the reflection several times, lost his irritation and settled down to watch the proceedings, every now and then looking into the mirror and back to me. Many a time subsequently he took up his positiou before the mirror, quietly and uaturally regarding his own aud my image without the slightest


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