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Secured Their Certificates

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Below is given the ñames of those who were successfnl in passing the re cent teachers' examination held at the court house and are entitled to seoonc and third grade certifícales. There are 67 of tbem iu all. Seoond Grade - Katherine Diehl Sophia East, Charles E. Hoffman, Lena E. Mallory, Maud V. Mills, Ella B. Mills, Ann Arbor; Fred E. Atchison, Salem; Minnie Baty, Melissa M. Huil, Irene E. Young, Saline; Eva CahilJ, Rushton; Florence I. Kellam, Agnes Miller, Chelsea; ilattie B. Luoas, Mae Mctíuinness, Libbie O'Neil, Dexter; Ida L. Silkworth, Rose Scully, Manchester - 19. Tbird Grade- Cora M. Allen, MiDa Bickford, Martha Corson, Victoria M, Fohey, Mary M. Hoelzle, Elizabeth M. Kearney, Emma M. Kapp, Etta Mae Lennon, Lanreu E. Mills Laura J. Mills, Allie R. Russell, Helen Purfield, Hattie I. Stebbins, Jessie A. Walker, Ann Arbor; Minnie C. Allyo, Marie H. Bacon, Mrs. Julia A. 3rouson, Ym. Dolí, Lilliau üerard, Dorritt L. Hopper, Chelsea; Jessie N. Aulls.i Elizabeth E. Eawson, Florence E. Poucher, Clinton j Allie Austin, Myron E. Atchison, Minnie A. Bussey, Lonie E. Rich, Jessie Ryder, Wirt I. Savery, Salera ; George Canill, South Iiyon; Olive A. Cressey, Mabel S. Kyte, Linne A. Rogers, Lillie Sohaeffer, láe. M. Walker, Saline; Susan E. Crittenden, Dora M. Leaddy, Ypsilanti; Curtís H. Dillon, Milán; Gertrude Hobbs, York; Clifford dall, Sharoiiville; Elmer Al. Lebn, Cora E. Reno, Manchester; Anna M. Lelarid, Emery; Loaise M. Mayer, Dixboro; Lizzie J. Minard, JRawsonville; Adah H. Sohenck, Francisou - 48. The papers of those who tried for flrst grade certifioates had to be forwarded to the state superintendent of public in strnctiou, at Lansing, so the names of those who were successful are not yet kuown.


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