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She Has Two Damage Suits

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Mrs. May Wheeler, by her attorney, C. Lincoln McGuire, has filed a declaration in the circuit court claiming daruages from Henry J. Brown, druggist, for trespass on the case in the sum of $3,000. The claim set forth is that on Feb. 8, 1897, Adolpb G. Mogk, a clerk in Mr. Brown's employ sold to her husband, Willard A. Wheeler some chloroform while he (Wheeler) was intoxicated, and which he substquently took with saicidal inteut. The damages are asked for the "greafc mental anguish, serious heart tronble, great physical pain, relapse of siokness from which she had only iu part recovered," which she snffered an account of being 'horriflfld by the apparent death of her lusband." She has also entered a snit against William and Jacob Gwinner and their sureties for having on the same day, Feb. 8, 1897, sold to Willard A. Wheeler, intoxioating liquors, by the excessive use of which he became in-j â– oxicated and violently alarmed and ! frightened her and caused her to be seriously ill by his violencu.


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