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Very Sudden Death

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John F. Schlicht Engages in a Fatal Wrestling Bout. WANT HIM TO PAY UP Ex-County Clerk Dansingburg Sued By the County. For the $100 Deposit That He Made When He Demanded a Recount of the Ballots Last Fall and then Repocketed. John B. Schlicht, of Ypsilanti, a brakeman on the Michigan Central, came to his death in this city on Tuesday, in a rather peculiar manner which was, however, wholly accidental. Tuesday morning when his train rolled into the yard at Ann Arbor, he jumped off and going into the freight warehouse at once engaged in a friendly scuffle with John A. Felch, who works there. The wrestle over, Schlicht walked out of the warehouse and across the track to his train where he stood talking when all at once he sank in a helpless condition to the ground. In the fall his head struck a crate and inflicted a deep gash. His friends bore him back into the warehouse and Drs. W. F. and James F. Berakey and C. G. Darling were called. They worked over him for an hour and a half, but could not rouse him from the comatose condition into which he had fallen. His whole left side was paralyzed and he could neither move nor speak. He was then taken to the University hospital but nothing could be done for him and he died in the afternoon only a few hours after the accident. Coroner Ball impaneled a jury and an inquest was held at Martin's undertaking rooms on Wednesday afternoon. Several witnesses were called all of whom testified to the accidental nature of the unfortunate affair. The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the evidence. The postmortem examination revealed a large blood clot on his brain which had caused paralysis and death.