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Ex-County Dansingburg Sued for That $100 Recount Deposit. Suit has been commenced in the circuit court by the board of supervisors of Washtenaw county against William Dansingburg, ex county clerk, to recover $100 due the county from him. At the election last fall Mr. Dansingburg was defeated for the office of county clerk by Jacob F. Schuh and at once demanded a recount of the ballots. In order to secure a recount lie had to deposit 100 as a guarantee, which was to be returned to him if his election was proven by the recount. If he was not shown to be elected the $100 was to go towards paying the expense of the recount. As county clerk Mr. Dansingburg deposited the $100 with himself and when the recount was finished, although his position was not sustained, and most of the errors that were discovered were against him, Mr. Dansingburg put the $100 back into his pocket, claiming that the discovery of the errors entitled him to do so. The board of supervisors does not hold with that view of the case as the count did not alter the result of the election and says the money must be paid back, hence the suit. The outcome of the case will be watched with a great deal of interest by the taxpayers of Washtenaw county as it will determine the right of disappointed office seekers to demand recounts of the ballots on very trivial grounds and thus saddle the county with a large amount of unnecessary expense. The total cost of the recount to Washtenaw county was in the neighborhood of $600, of which the $100 would have been only a small percentage.