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A Charitable Action

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An act of christian charity was perforuied by the hackman of Aun Arbor on Friday and Satnrday last wbeu they bnstled aronnd and secnred enough rnoney to bury the reinaius of Edward Hanser, the well known old porter at the Arlington house and thns saved them froru being sent to the medical department vats. The largest amouat of the contributions was made by the hackmen themselyes. Hanser had relatives in Newark, N. J., to whotn Coroner Ball telegraphed to know vvhat he should do with the body, but the old man's sou replied that they did not care to have it and that he could do whatever he pleased with it. The resnlt wonld have been that the body wonld have been sent to the vat had it uot been for the kind hearted hackmen. The funeral was held from O. M. Martin's nndertaking rooms, the services being couducted by Rev. W. L. Tedrow The remains were interred in Forest Hill cemetery.


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