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Belginru is the first'uation tojfadopt t...

Belginru is the first'uation tojfadopt t... image
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Belginru is the first'uation tojfadopt the twenty-four system of mimberiug the hoi:rs, ruaking midnight twentyfonr o'clook instead of twelve as we do. This adds certainty to appointmeuts at a certain honr by abolishing all qtjpstion of foreuoou or afternoon. lts disadvautage is ooly the extra numbej oí strokes reqnired by a clook in strikiog the hours. The president of the National Farmers Congress which met in St. Paul, Minn., last week took oocasion to nrge npon the farmer his duty to take more interest in politics. Hesaid: "No man is a good uifcizen who wil' stay away froni the polls and permit the election to be controlled by disrepntable politica! demagognes. It is our place to be at the local canons of the political party ■ to which we belong, when called by the proper authoirty, and jto nse onr influence in behalf of our best men, regardless of legitimate professions or oooupations. " If farmers would attend the caucuses of their respectve parties on all occasions our country would be much better governed. The president had no use for the non-partisan and drew forth the most hearty applanse by the statement; "A man that has no politioal conviotions is not fit to represent his distric or state in the Farmer 's National congress. " He mightj have addejJ that ench a man has no lighfc to grumble over taxes or misgovernment.


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