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Council Chambee í Ann Arbor, Sept. lst 1897. i Special Session. Called to order by Glen V. Mills City Clerk. Roll called. Quorum present. Absent Aid. Coon, Pres. Luick. Notice of meeting of the Board oí Review. Aid. Brown moved that the council resolve itself into a Board of Review to review the asspssment roll of Lateral áewer District No. 5. Adopted. Aid. Moore moved that Aid. Cady be eleeted Chairman of the Board. Adopted. Whereupon the Board' proceaded to review the assessment roll as certifled to by the City Assessor. On motion the followiag alterations were made on such assessment roll. _. . , From To Mis. I He)H xiin i1nr Hrs Philip Di.tly i":. "Xi ] luoo 170 J. W. and Herscucll Goodspeed 00 1OO( Esther E. Graber 1200 15C J. L. Babcock 4soo 500 Miss Ellen Morse, Lot 7 . ... )0 100 Luey B. Lee ïsoo 20i J. N.Martin 1800 200 Mrs. Eva Parks oo 100 Mrs. M. G. Bower 3000 180 H. W. Hayes 1700 Ï75 John Smith 1700 1800 Vhoebe O'Eeilly H60 150 John F. Lawrence 2'"on 95o( Bice A. Beal. Est 4(500 SOOO Wm. F. Stimson 2100 220( G. W. Hawes 400 SO G. M. C'larken 1200 1"iO Wm. M. White 6600 7500 Wm. M. " 2100 250 John M. Naylor 12ÖO 150 Ellen Hoban 1200 100 John Rose 1200 1000 N.B Nye. Est 1200 1000 J.A. Dell icoo 800 P'Come 1000 S00 Ellen Clements 600 f00 Hut.tie A. Baxter (00 5(H M. J. Clarken 12J0 1000 C. F. Pardon . gei Ann Arbor, September 1, 1897. To Board of Review. The is the estimated cost o the sewer now being built in Latera! Sewer District No. 6, otherwise known as the Ann St. sewer. These amounts are based on the contraetor's schedule of prices, and the engineer's estimatec quantities of matarial and labor : - Estimated Contract Price $11-177 71 Acid 20 per cent. for Engineering and Contingenties 2.205 51 Total estimated Cost 3 13,773 25 Estimated Cost of Street Crossit gs as-essed to Gen. Sewer Fund ..$ 1,188 CO Amount to be issessed on Private Property 13,535 05 Total estimated Cost $ 13.773 2" I hereby certify that the above is correct to the best of my knowledgp and belief. Geo. F. Key, City Eng. Aid. Koch moved that the Board oi Review approve the Assessment roll in Sewer District No. 6 as certified to the Council by th e City Assessor and chang-ed by the Board and certify the same to the Common Council. Adopted. On motion the Board adjourned. Glen V. Mills, City Clerk. Couxcil Chamber. i Ann Arbor, Sept. 2d, 1897. ) Special Session. Called to order by Pres. Luick. Roll called. Quorum present. Absent Aid. Grossman, Rhodes, Coon.' COMMUNICATIONS FKOM THE MAYOR. Ann Arbor, Sept. 2d, 1897. Glen V. Mills, City Clerk. Cali a special session of the Comrnon Council to be held at 7:30 to-night to consider the subject of a ripht of way across the Greene property between Fourth and Fifth Aves. Chas. E. Hiscock. Mayor. Aid. Moore moved that the Council rsconsider the vote on the report of the Committee on Sewers of the session of August 16th, 1897 relative to the exemption of the Greene property in Sewer District No. 6. I .Adopted as follows: Yeas- Aid. Moore, Hamilton, Dell, Sweet,' Brown, Vandawarker, Spathelf, Soule, Danforth, Cady, Pres. Luick- 11. Nays - Aid. Koch. Aid. Cady moved that providing the owners of the property in question, gfve the city of Ann Arbor a quit claim deed, of the rig'ht of way across their property for the purpose of laying or repairins the sewer, that this Council remitSlüO tax on said property. Adopted as follows: Yeas- Aid. Moore Hamilton, Koch, Dell. Sweet, Brown, Vandawarker, Spathelf, Danforth. Cady, Pres. Luick 1 1 . Nays- Aid. Soulo. On motion the Council adiourned City Clerk.


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