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Patrick Gibnoy, of Nortbfield, has been granted a reissue of pension. Sunday inorning services at the Unitarian ohurch have been resnmed. ''John Baurngartnet is abnnt to opeu up a branoh' of his marble works in Chelsea. John A. Jaokson, of Milán, has been granted a restoration, reissue and increase of pension. Witb ita new ounnections at Toledo the Ann Atbor Railroad is the most direct and the quiokest line to Washington. D. C. Boy Ghere, of Ypsilanti, has reeived notice of his appoiutment to the railway mail service at a salary of $800 a year. He has been ordered to Indianapolis, Ind. Stephen Keegau was arrested Friday hy Oificer Isbell for beiug drunk. On Saturday before Justice Pond he oould not pay the fine inflicted and went to jail for 20 days in default. The engagement of Mr. George J. Klager and Miss Julia A. Blass, of Saline, is announoed. Wedding to take place Sept. 23 at 2 p. m., at the home of George Walker, Saline. The Students' L9Cture Association has closed a contract with Booker T. Washington, the well-known oolored educator of Alabama, to give oue of the lectures of this yar's course. M. Staebler has been awarded the contract for supplying the city with ooal for the ensuing year at the following prioes: Hard coal, $5.85; oaunel ooal, $4.75; steam ooal, $3.20. Will Dumpby, of Bay City, who had his spine hurt in a wreek near Ithaoa, Mioh., on April 28, has commenced suit against the Auu Arbor railroad in the United States court at Toledo, for 5,000 damages. The bonded indebtedness of school district No. I. Aun Arbor, is $9,500, due asfollows; $2,000, Fob. 1, 1898, $2,000 Feb. 1, 1899, $3,000 Feb. 1, 1900, $2,500 due Feb. 1, 1901, bearing interest at 4 per cent. The body of Albert Hubbard, a oolored man of Grand Rapidsi, who committed suicide by driuking a mixture of aloohol and morphine a few days ago was brought to Ann Arboi Satnrday for the disecting table of the tiniversity medioal departrnent. The annual report of Ida S. McBride, national seoretary of the W. R. C, shows that there are now 35 departments and 55 detached corps with a total merubership in good standing of 111,833. Michigan has 223 corps and 7,125 members. The corps during the term has assisted 9,119 soldiers, 28,903 soldiers: families and 5,483 members. The State Savings Bank is undergoing a oonrse of renovation. Ann Arbor publio sohools will reopen for business on Monday morniug. The school census shows that there are 2,925 ohildren of school age in Ann Arbor, an increase of 300 over last year. The oouunil has appropriated 400 to grade and gravel N. Main st. from Catherine s to the Ann Arbor railroad crossing ou V. Summit st. The Ladies' Aid Society of St. Audrew's paiish is planning for its opening social next week Thursday a surprise tea. Beokei 's Military Band will furnisb the music for the Washtenaw Cóunty Fair in this oity Sept 28, 29, 30 and Oct. 1. The contract has jast been closed for it. At the election of officers of the O. M. B. A. of Michigan at the oonvention held here last .week George H. Fischer, of this city, was elected second vice-president. At 12 o'clock atandard time on Friday last the Michigan Telephone Co. oommenced sending state line messages from Ann Arbor to Detroit for 10 cents for each message of five minutes duration. Dr. James B. Angelí was granted an audieuoe with the Sultan aií Tnrkey last Friday, and presented his credentials as ü. S. Minister to Turkey. He was accorupauied by the member of the American legation. The Woman's Auxüiary of the Y. M. C. A. will resume its work after a two moaths' vacation. All membeis are urged to be present at the meeting Monday, Sept. -13, at 3 p. m., in the rooms of the association. J. B. Richmond, of Adaros, Mass , in reuewing his subsoription to the Argus for anotber year says: "Wedonotj invest a dollar aDywhere where we get better returns for ourmoney. " Thanks, for your good opinión, Mr. Richmond. While workiug in the mili at Delhi, Saturday morning, a yonng man named Will Dormán, was caught in a shaft. Hie clothes were all torn from him, and he was painfully injnred, but escaped deatb. He was one of the witnesses in the Beckwith trial last week. At tbo speoial meeting of the school board held Tuesday, Ang. 31, the oonamittee on teachers and textbooks recommended tbat Miss Wbedon's salary be raised to $750 per year aud on motion of Trustee Bower the reoommendation of the committee was coucurred in. Last Mouday being Labor dsy the ladies of tbe Y. W. C. A. evidently laborsd too hard to attend the meeting of the branoh and the quarterly meetiDg of the entire membeiship. The meetings were botb adjourned nntil next Monday, Sept. 13, when the board will meet at 7 o'clock sharp and tbe association at 8 o'clock. These are important meetings aud every member should be present. Three colored sewer laborers named Charles Thompson, Eugene Crawford and William Taylor, got into a scrap Satnrday arternon on Main st. , and for a time things were decidedly lively. The negro's favorite weapon, the razor, was nsed freely and cuts of more or less magnitude were made. They werp gathered in by the polioe and lodged in jail. On Tuesday in Justice Pond's court they were bound over for trial in the circuit court. Horace L. Wilgus, instruotor in Blackstone in the law dapartment of theUniversity of Michigan, was married to Miss Julia Gay Porueroy, of Palmyra, N. Y., ou Wednesday, Sept. 1. The news of the wedding caused quite a surprise in university circles, as only a few of his most intímate friends knew that the professor inteuded to enter the field of matrimony. The newly married eouple will be at home after Oct. 1 at 23 N. University ave. Aid. Hamilton, of the first wrad, is making a record for himself in more ways than one. He is one of the hardest working ruembers on the board, but for all that he does not believe in being paid for it, At the council meeting Monday evening the expense bilí of the board of review was passed on, Aid. Hamiltou's name was put down for $3 for his day's services. He prornptly objected to receiving it, stating that so long as he 3erved tbe people as alderman he proposed to do it gratuitously. He turned the $3 over to the poor fund. The probating of five estafes of deoeased persons was started in tbe probate offioe on Tuesday. Daniel MoKosh was flned 2 and $4 oosts by Justioe Pond on Saturday for being drunk on Ann st. Tbe afternoon train going north on the Ann Arbor road now leaves here at 4:46, fonr minutes earlier tban before. Commencing Sept. 20 Dixboro is to have a daily mail from Ann Arbor. The service has been tri-weekly heretofore. Tbe mail carrier will leave Anu Arbor at noon eaoh day. The new Harngari hall on W. Seoond st., is to be dedicated uext Wednesday and Thusday to which the publio is invited. Mrs. J. Schneider, jr., will serve the refreshments. The suit of Clement Eberhart against Lyman P. Conkey for assanlt and battery, was tried before Justice Pond Tuesday afternoon. Conkey was found guilty and paid a fine of .$5 and $4 costs. H. A. Williams, agent for the Gerrnan Alliance Insurance Assooiation of New York, has delivered to A. H. Holmes a check for $1,417, being its proportion of Mr. Holmes' loss by fire, Aug. 21. Beoker's Military Band treated the patients of the University hospital and a number of visitors to a very enjoyable concert Thnrsday evening of last week at the newly erected pavilion at tne hospital. Plymouth fair commences next week Tnesday and continúes for three days following. Plymouth always puts up a good fair and tuis year's one will be no exception to the rnle. The Argus acknowledges an invitation to be present. Harry Allen was arrested by Offlcer Isbell Tuesday on the charge of picking John Kearney's pocket of $9 in Hugh F. Shields' saloon. He was esamined in Justice Dufïy court yesterday morniug and bound over to the circuit court. In default of 500 bail he is still in jail. The Argus has this week issued from its job room 15,000 copies of "The Washtenaw Fair News." and Secretary Mili 's offioe force is busy mailing them to everyone. Those who want information about the fair and who do not reoeive a paper should send to him for one. O. H. Westfall, tbe city marshal of Vpsilaui, is getting to be a veritable Pooh-Bah with the number of offices that are being thrust upon him. Besides being city marshal, he is poor commissioner and has jn'st been appointed deputy city clerk by City Clerk Carpen ter. The Lariies' Foreign Missionary Society of tbe Presbyterian church will meet at Mrs. J. E. Richards, 713 E. Huroa st. , this afternooa at 3 u'clock. Tea will be served at 6 o'clook. Mrs. and Miss Wilder, returned missionaries from India will be present to address the ladies. A man 7 feet 6 inches high caused quite a sensation on our streets Tuesday. The name he registered at the St. James hotel was Col. A. A. Powell, of Cincinnati, O. Two beds had to be pushed together to accornmodate his great height when it came time for him to retire for the night. Frank Kapp, a former resident of Northfield, was fatally hurt in an aocideut at Columbia, S. D., one day last week, and died from the effects of his injuries Suriday. His remains arrived in Anu Arbor Wednesday and were at once taken to the home of his sister, Mrs. Jacob Ziel, in Northfield, where the fpneral services were held at 10 o'clock and at 11 o'olook at the Germau ohureh, Northfield. Rev. Henry Fischer conduoted the services. There were hnndreds of handbills distributed last Thursday reading: "Lecture To-Nigbt! The Klondyke Gold Cnre, and What I Don't Know About the Silver Question, by Chas. A. Ward, Editor of the Democrat, Court House Square at 7 :30. Music by the Washtenaw Times Band." Of oourse the last sentence gave the thing away as a fake, for no baad would ever get a ohanoe to play while Ward was talking on the silver question. Nevertheless there were hundreds of people who didn't catch on to the gag, and aotually thought Charlie would be there and advise them never to lot silver threads intermingle with the gold, and espeoially to keep away from the Klondyke regicn during the winter season. - Courier. Born to Prof. and Mrs. A. G. Hall an eight pound girl. The rate of taxation in Sewer District No. j, or E. Ann st. sewer, wil! be $29.87 per $1,000 valuation. Airs. Philipina Hoffstetter died at aer home 25 W. Liberty st. , Wednesday morniug at 10:35 o'clook, of heart trouble. Tbe Fifty Clnb had a very pleasant dancing party at Granger's academy on Friday evening, for whioh Mrs. Tyler iumsned the mnsic. Rev. Mr. Bradshaw will speak at the y. .Al. C. A. rooms nest Sunday afternoon at 2:45. Ad invitation is extended to everyone in the city. Harry W. Clark, superintendent of ;he University hospital, is building a new house on Catherine st., opposite the south front of the hospital building. Attorney George P. Cobb, of Bay City, has filed a summons in the connty clerk's office in the $2,000 daroage snit of Abel A. Putnaru vs. Alex C. Sorieon. Warren Lewis shipped a tharoughbred oooker spaniel puppy to Decatur, Texas, tbe other day for which he got $25. The pup was sent by express and t oost 6.50 to get it to Deoatur. Mahara's colored mintrels is thenext attraction at the Athens Theater. The company cornprises 35 artists and will be seen Alonday evening. They give a j great street parade at noon Alonday. A resident of Ann Arbor bas 600 acres of land in 80, 40 and 20 aore patches, scattered about the section in Canada east of Lake Superior, where the new gold fields have been made. - Courier. Aceording to the finance committee's report to the common council, it cost 3,402.67 to keep the streets, bridges, culverts and crosswalks of tbe city in repair last month. Wherever was it all put? Charles E. Eisele died Monday afternoon at the home of his mother Airs. Elizabeth Eisele, 33 N. Fifth ave., of oonsumption, aged 19 years. The funeral services were beid at St. Thomas' ohurch Wednesday. The Emma E. Bower Club reoently organizad by some of the L. O. T. M., aas chosen the following ofScers for the ensning year: President, Airs. Frank Feiner; vice-president, Mrs. Swartout; secistary and treasurer, Mrs. E. C. Burdick. A conundrum : Barnum & Bailey paid the city a license of $50 to show jera on Aug. 17. On tbat day it oost for seven special policemen $28, the damage to the streets and orosswalks is estimated at $200 or over; is snob a license fee large enough? The heirs of Jobn Hagan have filed ;heir petition in the probate court and Jacob Hagan is named as administrator of the estáte which is valued at S30, ■ 000. The heirs-at-law are Aíary A. Haas, Jacob, Frank, Emma, Lewis, Lydia, Alathilda, Fred, Anna and Herman Hagan. Gilbert S. Howe, of Pittsfield has been appointed by Jndge Newkirk to take charge of tbe North property in that town until the heirs to tha estáte cake proper measures to settle it up. Mrs. Eliza North moved to Kansas City 10 years ago and died there about seven months sinoe. Her son, Dr. North, of . Kansas City, has nofc probated her will for some reason or other. The farm was going to ruin, so Judge Newkirk took this step to prevent it. On Monday evening at 8:30 the State Street Angels gave a farewell banqnet at 78 S. State st. in honor of Hugh O'Kane, oue of their nuruber, wbo left Wednesday for Tampa, ï'la., via the Ann Arbor road. Tweuty-three members were present. After refreshments and appropriate toasts by all the members a pleasing program was rendered. At 10 :30 the boys left for their several homes all wisbing a pleasant trip for tbeir departing comrade. - Times: Alonday evening Air. and Airs. Ross Granger and Airs. Hangsterfer gave a very pleasant reception and danoing party to about 50 of their friends in honor of Air. and Airs. Rheinhart of Seattle, Wasb. Danoing commenced shortly after 9 to the excellent musio of Allie Long on the violin and Airs. Tyler on the piano which in spite of the warm evening induced sverybody to enjoy themselves most spiritdly. It was continued uutil about 12:30, wben the guests made their adieus. During the evening cool refreshments in the shape of leruonade, ice cream and cake were served by tbe little Alisses Lnella Granger, Wrdie Herbert, Winnie Clark, Lilian Cousins and Bessie Maynard.


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