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ONE MAN'S SDFFERING. The Trials and Tribulations of a Bat tle Creek Citizen- How He Comes to Teil This Story, (From the Battle Creek Moon.) Among the moulders at tbc works of the Michigan foundry company eau h found Mr. Amos Maynard; he has lived ia Battle Creek for over ten years i lionored and respected by all who know iiim; sucb is the man who makes thia statement, be says : "I have had kidney trouble for years, and it bas made my life miserable. The heavy lifting, necessary in my business, made me worse. I have been compelled to lie in bed in a help. less coudition for as long as nine days at a, time; the greatest pain was from my'back which sometimes feit as though a bayouet was being run tbrough me in the regioa of my kidneys ; many citizens of Battle Creek knew how bad I was. I could not move without the greatest caution, for as soon as I attempted to stoop over, bend to one side, or even turn in bed, the paiiv was simply unbearable. T wore porous. piasters constantly for the little teraporary relief they brought me. Whenever I caught the slightest cold it went straight to my kidneys and made me worse. I was advised to try Doan's Kidney Pilis, and got some. I have taken ia all four boxes of them, and I now feel as. active as ever. A few months ago I would. have ridiculed the idea of being cured so quickly, and being able to work as I can iiow. All the long-standing pains are gone, and the former traces of kidney disorders found in my urine have disappeared. I have recommended Doan's Kiduey Pilis to many friends who were troubled as I was, and in every case I hav learned they proved as beneficial as witb me. Doan's Kidney Pilis would be cheap. to me at almost any price. " For sale by all dealers, price 50 cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N Y., sola agents for the U. S. Remembtr the aame, Doan's, and take no other. 8IBÏ k SEABOLT'S BAKERY, &ROCERY AND FLOUR AND FEEO STORE, We keep constantly on hand BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, &o. For Wholesale or Retail Trade. We shall also keep a supply of OSBORNE'M GOLD DUST FLOUR J. M. Swift & Oo.'s Best White WheaÊ Flour, Rye Flour, Buekvheat ïlour, Corn Meal, F led, &c, &c, &c, At Wholesale and Retail. A general stock ol 3E00EJIES AND PR0VISI0N& constantly on hand, which will be sold on as reas onable terms as at any other house Ín the city. 3FCash paid for Butter, Eg#s, and Countr Produce generally. KSPGoods Delivered to any part of the city wlth xtnutctii rere. Rinsey & Se tfbolt TIME TABLE. Taking Effect May 23, 1897. Trains leave Arm Arbor bv Central Standard time. NOKTH. SOÜTH. 8:43 A. M. 7:30 A. M. +12:lnp. h. 11:25 a. M. Li:46P. M. 8:40 P.M. t 9:10 a.m. t 8:05 p. M. Trains marked thus run between Ann Arbor and Toledo only. tTiraiins milr!ed thus run Sundays onlj-. All otlier trains daily except Sunday. E. S. GILMORE, Agent W. H. BENNETT, G. P. A'. Michigan rTENTOLT "The Masara Falls Route." CENTRAL STANDARD TIME Taking Effect July 4, 1807. GOING EAST. Detroit Niglit Ex r, 50 a. m. Atlantic Express 7 30 Grand Kapids Ex n 10 Mail and Express 3 47 p. m. N. Y. & Boston Sp'l 4 58 North Shore Limited 6 45 Fast Eastern 1005 GOINtí WEST. Boston, N.Y.&Ch 8 12 a. m. Mail & Express 9 18 Fast Western Ex 1 5Sp.m. G. R. & Kal. Ex 555 Chicago Night Ex _ 9 40 Paciflc Express 12 30 0.W.BUGGLE8 H. W. HAYES, Q. P. & T. Agent Chtoasro. Ag't Ann Arboï TRUCK AND ST0RAGE C. E. GODFREY. Residence and Office, 48 Fourth Ave., North Telephone 82. Q. R. WILLIAMS, Attorne? at Lav and Pension Claim Altar, MILÁN, MICH. Conveyancing and Collections . LAND PLASTER! LIME AND CEMENT. BRAINTILt. LOUIS ROEDE, Main Office - 36 E. Huron Street. Yards- 50 West Huron Street.


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