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Caleb Krause Dead

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Caleb Krause, an old aud eecentrio character who has flgnred quite frequently in the circuit ooart by reason of the divorce oases between his wife and hirnself, died Monday in Manchester. Kranse was partly insaue, bnt was wonderfnlly shrewd. He was a kleptoruaniao and stoie all sorts of useless things, apparently jast for the fan of stealing. At one time he was adjudged insane and was tiken to the asyJam at Pontiac. He escaped froru there in a retnarkably cunning manner, which he nsed to relate hiinself in about these words: I told the boss that I was a fine railker and liked to inilk eows better fcban any other work. So he took me ont to tbe barn to milk. I pretended I was trying to milk and said, 'The milk won 't come; there is sornething wrong with tbe cow's teats. ' He stooped over to look.and I sent a stream of milk iuto both bis eyes. Before be eonld see I was ont of sigbt and they conldn't catch me." At this time his wife applied for añd was granted a divorce. Afterwards when be carne baok she again feil in love with Caleb and married him again. Afterward she got another divorce, bnt again her ex-husband's charins were too gieat, and they were once more remarried. A third time she applied for a divorce, but the judge declined to hear the case, saying it was a waste of time to divorce and remarry the fickle pair.