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A Very Quiet Election

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At the caucus held Friday eveuing to nomínate three persons to succeed Miss Emrua E. Bower, Johu R. Miner and Evart H. Scott as school trastees of district No. I, Aun Arbor, but very little interest seemed to be taken by the taxpayers of the city, although the sohoDl board is entrusted with the expenditure of bet ween 150,000 and $00,000 each year. There were just 125 persons present in th-3 court room and of these 40 were ladies. This is a pretty small representation of the total nuinber of taxpayers and shows a laok of interest that is siiuply astoandiug. O. E. Butterfield was made chairman of the meeting and James R. Baoh, secretary. Mayor C E. Hiscock proposed an order of business wbich was adopted. Sid. W. Millard, George H. Pond and P. J. Lehman were appionted tellers. Seven noininatious in all were made : Evait H. Scott, Miss ümma E. Bower, Dr. A. C. Nichols, E. F. Mills, N. J. Kyer, M. .7. Cavanaugh, Jas. L. Skinner. It was decided to ohoose the oandidates one at a time. The person baving a inajority of the ballots to be the one nominated. The chosen ones were Misa Bower, Evart Scott and E. F. Mills. Some discussion as to the vote to b taken on the Gragham-Forsyth text book law as passed by the last legisla ture was indulged in, J. E. Beal, Prof B. A. Hinsdale and others explaining the law as they uuderstood it. The question will be voted on next year. A committee of Mrs. Harrison Soule J. D. Ryan and Prof. B. A. Hinsdale was appointed to make arrangements for the caucas in 1898. At the eleotion Monday just as little interest was manifested as at the oauons. There was only oue ticket to vote and no ballot had been printed so that the first voters had to write their ballots. Latsr some printed ones were fnraished. There were only 338 votes cast for Miss Bower, E. F. Mills was second with 341 and Evart H. Scott received 331. After the polls had closed the people then present adjourned to the court house, there were just 15 of them. J. T. Jaoobs was made chairman of the meeting and S. A. Moran seoretary. The minutas of last year's meeting were read and approved. A resolutiou made by S. A. Moran to hold the eleotion nest year at the high school was warmly ohampioned by Miss Bower and Mrs. Pinney. The men present did not want it so far off the business part of the city and the resolution went down before an adverse vote. William A. Clark offered a resoln tion tfaat the sum of $33,000 be ordere-i spread on the tax rolls for the running expentes of the schools in District No. 1, for the ensuing year. The resolution was adopted withont a dissentiug vote. Mrs. Finaey's resolntion that $300 be spread on the tax rolls for purchasing books for the library was also uuanimonsly oarried. The meeting then adjourned.


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