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Town Nearly Destroyed

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Galesburg, Hls., Sept. 28. - The town Df Williamsfield, In the east end of Knox county, is overwhelmed by the fire whieh wiped out eighteen of the best of its twenty-flve stores Monday night. The fire started in an old livery barn in the heart of the town and swept away two entire blocks of business houses. The fire engine was stored in the barn and was the first thing to burn and the populace were helpless, but fought brávely with primitive mean?. The total loss will foot up to $30,000, about half covered by insurar.ce. The loss is principally in stocks, as the buildings were wooden and cheap. The heaviest individual loser is J. M. Baird, lumberman, whose entire plant was swept away. L.oss, $4,000, half insured. Zener & Ryan, general store, lose $10.000 on stock, with $5,000 insurance. The fire is supposed to be of incendiary origin, as the first man at the engine house smelled kerosene, and the fire "spread rapidly.


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