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"Let me take your hat, John, dear. I'll close the door. You're tired, I kuow. Give me another kiss. What's one?' ' "Thank you, my dear. You are very thoughtful. " "Of youalways, to be sure, you poor, dear boy. I have the meest supper for yon. Look - some lovely biscuits, the kind of cake you like best and your favorite preserves too !" "How kind of you." "Not at all. It's a wife's duty, you know, to study her husband's wishes and comfort. ' ' " Why, so it is ! I had quite forgotten that." "Now, John, aren't you pleased?" "Oh, of eourse, of course, my darling, only" - "Well, only"- "Nothing, nothing - but you've been down town this afternoon, haven't you?" "Why, John, how did you guess? Yes." "And to the milliner's?" "You're a mind reader. " "No, not at all. " (Af ter a reflective pause.) "Well, here it is. " "Oh, John, $10 - you dear, sweet, good hubby. ' ' "Um- yes - ain't I? But, come on, let's have that delicious supper now. I need it. " (To himself, as he spreads his first biscuit) ' ' Mind reader - I guess so ! I thought she was talking through her


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