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Death Of Mrs. Starkweather

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Mrs. Mary Ann Starkweather, notice of whose serious sickness appeared in last week's Argus, died at her home in Ypsilanti, at 9 :30 o'clock Friday ruorninn, aged 78 years and 2 days. Mrs. Starkweather was bom at Waterville, Oneida county, New York, September 22, 1819, Her ruaiden name was Newberry. Ou June 5, 1839, ene was married in Detroit to John Starkweather, and sinoe 1841 she had lived continuonsly in or near Ypsilanti. Mr. Starkweatber died on February 2, 1883, and for the last 10 years Mrs. Starkweather made her home with Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Dnebel. The city of Ypsilantii" indebted to Mrs. Starkweather for many rnnnificent gifts, among whioh inay be ruentioned the handsome drinking fountain west of the bank building; the statne surmonnting the soldiers' monument, the Starkweather Memorial ohapel in Highlaud cemetery, the Ladies' Library Assooiation building, the fine grand piano in St. Luke'3 oburch house, and the Students' Christian Association bailding, situated on the Normal grounds. AsidT from these magniflcent gifts, Mrs. Starkweather had been most generĂ³os in her contributions to the upbuilding and support of ohurch organizations, both in Ypsilanti and otber towns, and her private acts of charity were numerous and muniflcent. The funeral services held Monday afternoon were conducted by Rev. R. JK.Wharton.of tbe Presbyterian ohurch, and Rev. William Gardam, of St. Luke's Episcopal caurch. As a mark of respeot and appreciation of her many public aots of beneflcence, the sohools and all business places were olosed during tbe funeral hour. Tbe oommon council and Carpenter Post, (1. A. R., attended in a body, while many otber organizations showed appreciation of her worthy efforts by beiug largely represen ted.