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Mediterranean Rents

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In no place on the surf ace of the globe is rent so high as at Gibraltar, the reason being that the geographical position of the town precludes the possibility of its being extended in any direction. A long, narrow strip of what was once seabeach is alone available for building purposes. All the rest is precipitous rock. Upon this narrow parapet, in some cases less than 100 yards in width, are crowded the homes of 25,000 people. As much as $10 a week is asked and obtaiued for the use of one small room, and this, too, in a place where the normal rate of wages is quite 10 per cent less than in America. Naturally the overcrowding is fearful, and, the water supply being scarce and intermittent, oleanliness of living as we understand it is almost impossible. No wonder that in the old days the plague and the cholera ravaged the "rock" with a virulence unknown in the filthy and pestilential cities of the far east In Malta, on the other hand, house rent is ridiculously cheap. Anywhere outside of Valetta an excellent seven room house can be had for $15 a year, while rates and taxes are unknown. The houses are built entirely of the cream colored stone of which the island is composed, and whichyis so soft that it can be cut with a saw into blocks or Blabs of any desired size or shape. So while the Maltese builder is digging up his foundation he is at the same time getting out the material for his wal Is,


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